Friday, May 29, 2020

New Additions to Dystopian Survival and Why I have returned to Facebook.

Dystopian Survival now has a Facebook page and discussion group! You can find them at  Please check it out, Like our page, and join in the discussions! I'm still adjusting settings, and learning how to manage the group, and need people to join and start posting and sharing.

Surprised that I have returned to Facebook?  Me, too!  But after the current coronavirus lockdowns, I realize the importance of being able to stay in touch with people through a variety of digital means. And it is going to only get more important as time goes by...

Sure, Facebook and other Big Tech companies aren't perfect. They worry excessively over political correctness. They are certainly biased against conservatives, traditional Christians, and anyway with a non-Leftist worldview. And, their actions prove they don't really support Free Speech.

But, we are never going to change things from the outside. There simply aren't enough of us closing our accounts in protest to make even a small dent in their revenues. So, the only ones we are hurting by refusing to participate is ourselves.

Instead, I am choosing to use Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech, to spread my  ideas of self-reliance, preparedness, traditional values, and limited government. Sure, I will face shadow-banning and other forms of censorship along the way. Hopefully, I will also reach some people I otherwise wouldn't.

This doesn't mean I won't continue to support alt-tech like GAB, Minds, and others. I will continue to use those platforms. However, there is a certain amount of "preaching to the choir" with those sites, and the ability to reach a different audience is somewhat limited.

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