Sunday, November 1, 2020

Twitter Locks @DystopianSurv

11-1-2020 - At some point on Friday, Twitter locked me out of my account associated with this website (@DystopianSurv). The notification I received from Twitter was generic, and did not give details of exactly why the account was locked, or what I could do to unlock it. My subsequent attempts to contact Twitter regarding this situation have been fruitless, as I have been unable to communicate with a real person at Twitter. I just keep getting generic notifications without details. I have also followed Twitter's posted instructions to reset the password, but this too has been to no avail.  I remain locked out,  and Twitter remains unhelpful. At this point, I do not know when, or even if, I will regain access to that account.

In the meantime, my main Twitter account, @TimGamble, remains active and you can follow me there to receive updates and notifications about both my websites. You can also follow me on GAB and other social media accounts should Twitter lock my main account at some point. Please see the list pasted below.


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