Monday, January 11, 2021



Just before the election (about 7 days out), Twitter mysteriously removed almost 1,000 of my followers literally overnight.

In the past four days, I have lost another 1,000+ followers in the latest purge by Twitter.

I'm down over 2,000 followers on Twitter from mid-October.

Parler, a Free Speech alternative to Twitter, is (was) my "back up plan" in case something ever happened to my Twitter account. Parler has now gone dark after Amazon, Google, and Apple combined to force them off the Internet. Parler is now gone and I have lost 100% of my followers there.

Twitter and other social media have been the primary means of promoting my websites and writings, which is how I make my living. 

Facebook and Instagram have also joined in the censorship movement, and have become very hostile to conservative voices. 

Although I do have Facebook and Instagram accounts, I am fairly inactive on both and do very little marketing of my websites and articles through them. 

This anti-Free Speech wave of political correctness and censorship is directly impacting my ability to market my websites and writings, and thus is destroying my ability to earn a living. 

I am currently rethinking my business model. Expect changes in the near future. Please bookmark this website or subscribe by email (bottom of right-side column) to stay in touch with me. 

I am also on the free speech platform Gab. Follow me there at

Timothy Gamble

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