Friday, October 1, 2021

Suggestion: Long-Term Food Storage


Unless you are in total denial about what is going on in America and the entire world, you know that we have entered a period of very high inflation, which even the "experts" in government are admitting will last a year or more. You know that there are massive global supply chain problems with no end in sight. You have seen for yourself that the empty spaces on store selves, even at the big box stores, have returned. 

This situation is NOT going to get any better any time soon. In fact, it will most likely get worse in the coming months, perhaps much worse. It is not just preppers and survivalists warning of this situation, but also business leaders, supply-chain workers, government economists and even some politicians. 

One of the most often repeated bits of advice, and it is good advice as far as it goes, is to "stock food to the rafters" while you still can. This will help you to provide for yourself and your family in the looming dark times, and put you in a better position to help those family and friends who will need help surviving. 

Hopefully, you have already begun developing your "deep larder" with canned and dried foods, which will store for a long time. But some foods are perishable and difficult to store over the long-term. 

These perishable items, such as milk, cheese, butter, and eggs are problematic for long-term storage. Your best bet is powdered, dehydrated or freeze-dried products, but this option an be expensive. For my money, Augason Farms has the best selection, excellent quality, and are reasonably priced compared to other long-tern food options.

Augason Farms has a large variety of long-term food storage options, including milk, butter, eggs, cheese, meats, beans, grains, vegetables, stews, entrees, pancakes mixes, bread mixes, and so forth. 

Right now Amazon, most Augason Farms products are listed as in-stock, and many are on sale. Here are a few  examples (as of 1:20pm EST on October 1, 2021):

Supplies and prices may not last, so don't drag your feet! (Full disclosure: I have NO relationship with Augasan Farms other than being a satisfied customer. I am a Amazon affiliate and I do make a very small percentage off of sales made through links to Amazon on this website. Thank you for supporting this website!) 


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