Sunday, June 4, 2023

Resist Tyranny!

By Tim Gamble

My other website,, pivoted to a Resistance focus back in April. Since then, I've posted 22 Resistance articles on that website, and counting, covering the who, what, why, and how of resisting the forces trying to enslave us. Here is an excerpt from one of the articles:
"There are forces at work in our world which are trying to fundamentally change human civilization. Not for the betterment of humanity, despite their claims, but rather for their own benefit. 

"They" are known by many names: the elites, the monetary elite, the power elite, the globalists, the ruling class, the 1%, the 2%, and so forth. I will generally refer to them as either the elites, or the power elites. But the name doesn't really matter. What matters is their goals, and how close they are to achieving those goals.

The elites want to destroy America and Western Civilization to create their version of utopia (for them). They believe Western Civilization and culture is bad, that America in particular is evil, and that traditional Biblical values and ethics are too restricting (for them). They hate free market capitalism, even though they have greatly benefited from it. They look down on the lower and working classes with great disdain (we are uneducated, unsophisticated, vulgar...).  

The elites want to create a world with no borders (for them), where they are basically global citizens unrestricted by normal laws and ethics. They desire a large underclass (they need workers), only a very small middle class (they do need a few working professionals), and an upper class made up of themselves and their fellow elites. An elite class who, by virtue of their obvious superiority, have absolute control over the lesser classes. 

Over the decades, the elites have already done great damage to traditional Western Civilization. The introduction of centralized banking & fiat currency is one example. Destroying traditional Western education is another. Current attempts to restrict Free Speech and Free Press (in the guise of stopping "misinformation" or protecting "vulnerable" groups) comes straight out of the elites desire to control the lesser classes, as does their desires to eliminate the Second Amendment, and to greatly restrict parental rights. Their antagonism to traditional ideas of religion, patriotism, nationality, gender roles, sexuality, and marriage is very much a part of their attempts to overcome traditional Western Civilization.

The Deep State, made up of powerful bureaucrats and career politicians, along with their corporate allies, have sold out to and work for the Elites, as have the mainstream media and academia at at levels. They also find themselves in much ideological agreement with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and greatly admire the CCP's near absolute control over the Chinese people, both in China and abroad." -- excerpt from 
R-01 Who, What Are We Resisting?
There is much crossover in the concepts covered by both websites, as preparedness, self-reliance, and resilience are the necessary foundation to Resistance. Resistance also requires the building of alternative systems, similar to the alternative systems needed to survive our dystopian future. Please check out that website, and the Resistance articles I've already posted there: Index To Resistance Articles (So Far).

Thank you!

AD:  Total Resistance - The classic study on resistance & underground operations, by Swiss Major H. von Dach. Recommended by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). 

AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) - Another great resource for resistance & underground operations. Recommended by both Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness) and Bear of Bear Independent. 

Friday, June 2, 2023

Personal Observations - Eggpocalypse Over? Bread Prices Up? Crime?

By Tim Gamble

I occasionally post on this website my personal observations of what I am seeing and experiencing in my area (small town in western North Carolina). Compare this with what you are hearing from other parts of the country, and with what you are experiencing in your area. Look for and react to trends, not isolated incidences. 

Eggpocalypse Over? 

Eggs in my area remain under $2 a dozen, after dropping in price back in late April / early May. The going price for a dozen large white eggs around here is between $1.78 and $1.98, depending on which store you are at, and there seems to be a plentiful supply of both white and brown eggs at all stores. The eggpocalypse seems to be over, at least around here. 

Other Food Prices Rising?

Even as eggs have dropped in price, other food prices seem to be rising again, especially fresh meats, snack foods, and bread.  A loaf of the store brand whole wheat bread sold for $1.84 last month. Now that same loaf at that same store is $2.27. An 8-pack of hamburger buns is also up by about the same amount. Prices of hamburger meat, turkey, hot dog weenies, and most pre-packaged sandwich meats have all jumped over the last month or so. Chicken prices seem to be holding steady, but haven't fallen off their previous highs. 

More Signs Of Crime?

I went to an Ollie's store in the next county over earlier this week, and was surprised to see signs on literally every shelf warning against shoplifting. Talking to the cashier, she said that the store was having trouble with shoplifters almost daily. She also said that they had a few instances of people filling up a cart and pushing it out into the parking lot without paying. 

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Quick Ideas on Home, Vehicle, and Personal Security

By Tim Gamble

Take commonsense precautions to secure your home and vehicle. Find ways to harden your home and vehicle. Keep all home doors
Wedge Door Alarm
and windows locked. This includes keeping any screen doors / storm doors locked in addition to your main door. This will slow bad guys down, and make them more noisy, giving you time to react. Make use of steering wheel bars and door alarms. Have working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Install a steel security door in place of your regular wooden door. Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times, even if you "just running in for a minute." Keep packages and valuable items covered-up or otherwise hidden in your vehicle, so prying eyes won't see them. Consider a security system or a doorbell with camera and monitor. Consider owning a handgun or home defense shotgun (legally and safely, of course, and get well-trained!). Dogs, even small yip-yip dogs, will make noise alerting you to trespassers, and might even scare off the intruders.  Consider thickly planting rose bushes or other thorny plants in front of windows to make breaking in by a window very uncomfortable. Have plenty of outdoor lighting, perhaps even on motion sensors.  The Shooter's Bible Guide to Home Defense may provide more information.     

Be smart when out in public. Practice situational awareness. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be wary of people who look out-of-place, are loitering, seem to be paying close attention to you, or who act nervous. Shop in groups. Let people know where you are going and when to expect you back. Keep your phone fully charged. Use well-light and highly visible parking spaces. Before getting out of a car or walking out of a building, look out a window first to identify possible dangers. Don't get so involved with your smart phone that you ignore your surroundings. Anyone in your family or group that carries a firearm should take a defensive shooting course. All people in your family or group should take a non-lethal self defense course (yes, even children - there are age-appropriate courses). . Always be alert.

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Monday, May 29, 2023

Some Thoughts on a Bug-Out Vehicle

By Tim Gamble

A Bug-Out Vehicle should be an important part of most bug-out plans (article: The Bug-Out Plan). But most folks, me included, cannot afford to have an extra vehicle dedicated to just bugging-out. Instead, one of our regular, everyday use vehicles will have to do double duty as our escape vehicle when the time comes to bug-out.  Here are my thoughts: 

Maintain your vehicle in excellent condition, should you ever need it to bug-out. Keep your oil, oil filter, and other fluids changed on a regular basis. Service your transmission according to the recommendations for your vehicle. Make sure your brakes and tires, including spares, are in good shape. Check your headlights and other lights regularly. Quickly make any necessary repairs to your vehicle. (Many folks are reluctant to spend money on routine auto maintenance, but maintaining your vehicle will actually save you money in the long run with less frequent, and less costly, major repairs.) 

Make sure you have a spare tire, jack, lug wrench, and extender bar in your vehicle before you need to change a flat tire. You do know how to change a flat tire, right? Remember, roadside service will NOT be available during "bug-out conditions." 

Keep your vehicle's gas tank topped off. I try to always top mine off before it reaches the half-tank mark. If possible to safely do so, keep at least one 5-gallon can of gas at home for emergencies (DON'T keep a filled gas can in your vehicle). If you can't store the gas safely (apartment-dwellers?), keep an empty can on-hand in case you need it. 

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle, including items such as some food and water, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, extra oil, and jumper cables or battery starter. For winter, include extra gloves and head/neck coverings. A warm blanket is also a good idea.

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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Family Communications Plan

By Tim Gamble

Some quick questions: Do you have a Family Communications Plan? Do you have an up-to-date list of family, friends, and other contacts, along with their current information such as phone numbers, emails, and physical addresses? People move, phone numbers change, and email changes even more often.  That list you put together five years ago is highly unlikely to still be current.

Does everyone in your family have a list of important phone numbers? Do your kids know who to call next if they can't get you on the phone for some reason (perhaps Grandma, or Aunt Ida)? 

A disaster is unlikely to happen at a convenient and predictable time when everyone is together. Phones and Internet may be down during, and even after, a disaster. The situation will likely be chaotic and confusing. More than just an address book or contact list with phone numbers, a communications plan let's everyone know how and when to get in touch with each other, and perhaps most importantly what to do if they cannot. 

Please read my article Do you have a Family Communications Plan? for more information on developing your own communications plan for your family, group, or tribe. 

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Friday, May 26, 2023

Local Knowledge - An Important Key To Modern Survival

By Tim Gamble

Okay, this isn't a piece of neat gear to get excited about, but you need to really know the city, small town, or rural community in which you live. Local knowledge is crucial for modern survival. How well do you actually know your community?

Develop Your Local Knowledge.  

Get to really know really know your locality. Start with the geography, but don't stop there. Learn your way around your city or town, particularly the areas in which you live, work, shop, worship, and go to school. Know not just one way, but several, to get to and from places you frequent.

You need to know where the bad neighborhoods and high crime areas of your town or city are, and how to avoid them. All communities, big or small, have bad areas - places where crime and vice are more common, and where the folks you're going to want to avoid typically hang out. 

You also need to know the people of your locality. Do you know an honest mechanic? A good and dependable plumber? A babysitter you can trust with your kids? Do you know your neighbors? Are there any sex offenders living near you (search online for sex offender registries). 

Do you know your local elected officials? Do you know what their plans are for your city? Do you follow the local news, or maybe listen to a local talk radio show? Get to really know your community and its people. Build a network of people you trust, and who have reason to trust you.

Know your local markets. Chances are you know where the Wal-Marts, Targets, Sam's Clubs, and Home Depots in your area are.  But what about smaller stores, and Mom-and-Pop operations. Over the years, I've found many things at these places that I couldn't find at the Big Box stores, sometimes at real bargain prices. And I've met some wonderful people.

If, like me, you are a prepper on a shoestring budget, it is a good idea to learn the locations of the various flea markets, farmers' markets, salvage stores, thrift shops, and pawn shops in your community. It may also be a good idea to find all your local antique stores, coin and stamp dealers, gun stores. used bookstores, small hardware stores, feed stores, and gardening centers. I'm putting together a notebook of all these places near me, along with notes on what I can find where, owner's names, and so forth. Should we ever experience a period of scarcity of goods, it will be good to know and be friendly with these folks. 

Know local industry. Are there any factories or  industrial parks near you? Where is your local electricity generated? And how? Any mines in your area? Industry is both a source of employment, and a source of potential problems such as pollution and chemical spills. What opportunities and threats do your local industries pose?

Know several escape routes from your city should bugging-out ever become necessary or even mandatory. Have paper copies of directions and maps, in case GPS & Google Maps are down when you need them. If you are bugging-out on foot, abandoned train tracks may be your best option, rather than trying to hike along congested and dangerous roadways. Most cities and some small towns have many of these, and some have already been turned into greenways and walking/jogging trails. Learn these now. Acquire or make maps, especially of the ones leading out of town. 

Resources for learning about your community include local newspapers and local talk radio stations. Local and state road maps can often be picked up for free at visitor centers, tourism boards, or the local Chamber of Commerce. If not, you can buy them for only a couple of bucks at just about any gas station in town. Your local library should have maps of local infrastructure such as railways, greenways, waterways, sewer systems, gas lines, and power lines. If not there, your local zoning board will have them. Many local libraries also have community bulletin boards. My local library publishes a monthly newsletter which is a great source of information on local programs, events, government meetings, and so forth. However, nothing beats actually getting out in your community, exploring it for yourself, and meeting new people.  

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Water - Life's Vital Ingredient

By Tim Gamble

Other than air (oxygen), nothing is more vital to life than water. So ask yourself some serious questions:

How quickly would you run out of water, if your water was unexpectedly cut-off for some reason? If you have your own well, assume the pump breaks for some reason and cannot be quickly replaced. Do you have enough stored water to last a week? Two weeks? A month? How much water do you actually need (btw, much more than the often given rubbish advice of 1 gallon per person per day). Do you know why you need more than 1 gallon per day? Do you know how and where to collect water? Do you know how to purify water?

I written a lot on the topic of water. Here are two essential articles that you need to read if you struggled answering any of those questions:

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