Thursday, October 21, 2021

No vax? Need a job? Here is help...

 If you have not and will not take the Covid-19 vaccine for whatever reasons, you may be facing unemployment as many companies and governments are threatening to fire employees who don't. Maybe you have already been forced out of a job. Or maybe you've been given a deadline, now fast-approaching, by your employer. You need a job, but without the jab, you may not have one for very long. 

Fortunately, there is now some help available for people in the no jab, no job position. There is a website,, to help people find jobs with employers not requiring vaccines. You can register and use the website for free. If you are an employer not requiring vaccines, you can also post your job openings for free on the website. There is no cost to use the website, but they do accept donations. 

Good luck with your job search. 

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