I post a #SurvivalTip almost daily on Gab (@TimGamble), and collect those tips here. This page will be updated occasionally, so check back often! 

#SurvivalTip 1 – The single most important thing you can do to survive any future chaos is to start taking responsibility for your own life now. This is self-reliance. 

#SurvivalTip 2 – Survival starts with your physical body. Make taking care of your health and fitness a top daily priority. 
#SurvivalTip 3 – Keep your vehicles gassed up. Never let them drop below ½ tank. I try to keep mine at around 3/4 tank.

#SurvivalTip 4 – Carry a lot of EDC gear? Be sure to empty all your pockets before adding to the wash. 
#SurvivalTip 5 – Deal now with any dental issues you have, so you don't have to during an emergency.  

#SurvivalTip 6 – Invest in a good road atlas & maps of your area(s). GPS & Google Maps may not work in an emergency. 
#SurvivalTip 7 – Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands before eating or preparing food, after using the restroom, after handling money or using a shared phone, and after contact with the sick.  

#SurvivalTip 8 – Remember to include toothpaste, brushes & dental floss in your bugout kits and long-term supplies.  

#SurvivalTip 9 – In cooler weather, keep a spare jacket, gloves, and toboggan in your vehicle (consider a blanket, too).  

#SurvivalTip 10 – Having extra cash (on you, in your BOB, and hidden at home) is a good idea. ATMs may be down. 
#SurvivalTip 11 – Keep some quarters in your car: parking meters, air for tires, drink/snack machines, a buggy at ALDI's, change at the drive-thru, etc. There are even a few (rare) pay phones still around.   

#SurvivalTip 12 – Keep your vehicle in good repair. Don't bug-out with bad brakes or faulty transmission.  

#SurvivalTip 13 – Mental attitude is key – build good relationships (family, friends, neighbors, God...).  

#SurvivalTip 14 – Deal with any addictions or mental health issues now, before SHTF.

#SurvivalTip 15 – Have multiple plans. Unexpected events often force us to alter/abandon even the best laid plans. 
#SurvivalTip 16 – Stop smoking. It saps your health and finances, and you don't want to face withdrawal during a crisis.  

#SurvivalTip 17 – Don't try to be Rambo or Wyatt Earp during a crisis. Chances are you'll only get yourself and family killed. Avoid trouble if possible.

#SurvivalTip 18 – Guns and ammo are important preps – and fun – but survival will entail more than just guns and ammo.  

#SurvivalTip 19 – Home school your kids or send them to a good private school that you keep a close eye on. All public schools are Marxist indoctrination centers, and dangerous too. 

#SurvivalTip 20 – Dealing with debt? Check out Dave Ramsey's books, website, and radio show.  Just search "Dave Ramsey" in your search engine of choice. 

#SurvivalTip 21 – With shoes and clothes, forget fashion and impressing others. Go instead for utility and durability.  

#SurvivalTip 22 – Even if you don't need them on a daily basis, a good pair of work boots are a necessity.  (Steel-toed offer more protection - you decide.) 

#SurvivalTip 23 – When acquiring tools and other gear, quality is more important than quantity.  

#SurvivalTip 24 – New to prepping? Concentrate first on acquiring a few weeks worth of food and water, as well as basic first aid and hygiene supplies.  

#SurvivalTip 25 – New to prepping? For your first new skill to acquire, I suggest a good first aid/CPR course.  

#SurvivalTip 26 – A good, easy read for understanding economics is “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?” by Richard J. Maybury.  

#SurvivalTip 27 – Homesteading at a remote rural location is many folks idea of prepping, but there are other ways. Don't fall for the idea that there is a single correct way for everyone.  

#SurvivalTip 28 –  On prescription medications? Work with your doctor to acquire a 60 or 90 day supply, rather than typical 30 days.  

#SurvivalTip 29 – Think safety. Keep fresh batteries in your smoke detectors. Also, have a fire extinguisher or two, and know how to use them.  

#SurvivalTip 30 – Think safety. Acquire steel-toed boots, safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, and other safety gear. Use them as needed.  

#SurvivalTip 31 – Think safety. Remember to lock your doors & windows. Install deadbolts & peep holes.
#SurvivalTip 32 – Think safety. Consider window bars and/or planting roses & other thorny plants under your windows.  

#SurvivalTip 33 – Think safety. Make sure tires & brakes are in good condition and all headlights & other lights are working. Drive safely and pay attention to the road, not your phone or coffee.

#SurvivalTip 34 – Think safety. No horseplay in the workshop or when using power tools of any kind. 
#SurvivalTip 35 – Everyone in your family/group should take a good, age-appropriate self-defense course.
#SurvivalTip 36 – A good self-defense course won't just cover self-defense, but also give information on avoiding dangerous situations in the first place.  

#SurvivalTip 37 – Avoid dangerous neighborhoods and sections of town. Do you even know what sections are dangerous in your area? Find out.   

#SurvivalTip 38 – Travel, walk, shop in groups whenever possible. Let someone know where you're going and when to expect you back. Stick to that schedule.

#SurvivalTip 39 – Park in a highly visible, well-light location near the entrance to minimize chances of ambush and muggings.  

#SurvivalTip 40 – Don't make yourself a target by wearing expensive, flashy clothes & accessories, or driving an expensive car.  

#SurvivalTip 41 – Don't make yourself a target by appearing easy-prey. Wear practical shoes and clothes.  walk confidently, head up.  Don't become engrossed in your phone. Be alert! 

#SurvivalTip 42 – Pay attention to your surroundings. Be wary of people who look out-of-place, are loitering, or who act nervous.  

#SurvivalTip 43 – Before getting out of a car or walking out of a building, look out a window first to identify possible dangers.  

#SurvivalTip 44 – Be careful who you let into your life and share your plans with. Friendship and trust should never be given lightly.   

#SurvivalTip 45 – Don't wait for disaster – practice your skills now by hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, gardening, canning, sewing, etc. Learn by doing.

#SurvivalTip 46 – Good flashlights (and headlamps) are must have items for preppers. Don't forget extra batteries.  

#SurvivalTip 47 – Everyone in your family needs a good pocket flashlight as part of their every day carry (EDC).  

#SurvivalTip 48 – No one can predict exactly what will happen, or when. Allow room for flexibility in your planning. Adaptability is important.  

#SurvivalTip 49 – Search dollar stores for deals on first aid, cleaning, and hygiene products, as well as matches, candles, other supplies. Also, containers for organizing.

#SurvivalTip 50 – Have an Ollie's in your area? It can be a good place for deals on various supplies, tools, tarps, fishing gear, spices, can goods, etc.  

#SurvivalTip 51 - Prepping on the cheap? Find a salvage store in your area. These are GREAT places to find deals on useful tools and supplies.  

#SurvivalTip 52 - Prepping on the cheap? Thrift shops & second-hand stores are worth visiting frequently. You never know what you might find...  

#SurvivalTip 53 - Prepping on the cheap? Flea markets and yard sales can be an inexpensive of source useful tools, books, and other supplies and gear at a very low cost.  

#SurvivalTip 54 - Prepping on the cheap? Classified ads, Craig's List, Free Cycle, and the like, are good places to hunt bargains. Just be careful when meeting people. 

#SurvivalTip 55 - Turn off power for 3-day weekend and see how your family does. You may find areas you need to work on in your prepping.  

#SurvivalTip 56 - If the power goes out, you won't be able to distract young kids with TV, DVDs or video games. Have coloring books, board games, and other "no power required" means of entertainment.  

#SurvivalTip 57 - Need to save money for preps? Skip the expensive vacation. Instead, stay home. Visit local museums. Picnic at a local park. Have a cook-out. Go fishing at a local lake. Camp out in the backyard.

#SurvivalTip 58 - A Boy Scout Handbook is good resource, but their lesser-known Fieldbook is a goldmine of useful survivalist information. Get one.  

#SurvivalTip 59 - Get a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution. Read it. Seriously, read it. How you ever read the Constitution? 

#SurvivalTip 60 - Consider moving to a cash-only basis whenever possible. You'll save money and be less likely a victim of identity theft.  

#SurvivalTip 61 - Going cash-only will make it harder for government and corporations to keep tabs on your behavior. 

#SurvivalTip 62 - Live frugally. Simplify. Spend less. Use freebies, such as libraries and parks, for entertainment. Reuse, repair, repurpose, or do without.  

#SurvivalTip 63 - Don't eat out, It is much cheaper to make your food at home and take it with you. 

#SurvivalTip 64 - Buy in bulk as much as you can, but watch the prices. The big club stores typically sell name-brands in bulk at great prices, but generic and off brands often still cost less than brand names in bulk.

#SurvivalTip 65 - Our healthcare system is expensive and screwed up, getting worse. So, don't get sick. Take care of your health.  

#SurvivalTip 66 - Take care of your health: Stop smoking. Don't abuse drugs or alcohol. Get enough sleep. Lose weight. Be active. Get into shape. Eat healthy. Manage your stress. Practice good hygiene.  

#SurvivalTip 67 - When treating water with bleach, be sure to use plain bleach, not scented.  

#SurvivalTip 68 - Get several hand can-openers. Good ones. You might not have power to run the electric one.  

#SurvivalTip 69 - Learn how to sharpen a knife.  

#SurvivalTip 70 - Have some foods you can eat straight from the can or wrapper, without cooking. Power outages, and for when you don't want the attention of a fire, smoke, and smell.  

#SurvivalTip 71 - Hurricane Katrina taught the importance of dry clothes, shoes and blankets, safe drinking water, and having a means of protection.  

#SurvivalTip 72 - Hurricane Katrina taught the importance of STAYING OUT OF THE FEMA CAMPS. Relying on government to help you is NEVER a good plan. 

#SurvivalTip 73 - Seriously, get healthy and get into shape. Do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal. This is your most important preparedness goal.

#SurvivalTip 74 - Clothes and shoes will wear out quickly. Stockpile extras. Forget the prepper fantasy of the Big Box stores being your personal closet after SHTF. They will all have been looted or burned in the early days of the disaster. 

#SurvivalTip 75 - If you can afford it, consider body armor. Things are bad now, but could get really nasty in a prolonged collapse.  

#SurvivalTip 76 - You may be a great shot while hunting, but self-defense is very different. Take a good self-defense firearms training course (see your local gun store for options in your area).

#SurvivalTip 77 - Don't drain your life savings to prep. You may need it before the crash happens. And what if the crash takes longer to materialize then you expect, or never happens?

#SurvivalTip 78 - Get your finances in order. Reduce living expenses as much as possible. If you are in debt, try to pay it off. Build some emergency savings.

#SurvivalTip 79 - If you normally wear dress shoes or heels, keep a pair of athletic shoes or hiking boots at work or in your car. Same goes for sandals, flip-flops, clogs and other flimsy footwear. You want sturdy footwear when facing disaster.

#SurvivalTip 80 - Keep your vehicle well-maintained. In best of times a break down is annoying, in a crisis it could be deadly.

#SurvivalTip 81 - Prepping isn't just about stockpiling food, bugging-out, or even homesteading. Prepping is also about improving your health & fitness, learning skills, making smart financial decisions & life choices...

#SurvivalTip 82 - No room for a garden? If you live in an apartment or condo, consider participating in a nearby community garden (or starting one). You will grow a bit of your own food, learn skills, and its good exercise.

#SurvivalTip 83 - Build relationships. Build community. No one can go it alone for very long. You will need other people at some point.

#SurvivalTip 84 – Keep your phone fully charged at all times. Have a means to recharge it (charger, adapter, battery packs, etc.) when you are away from home.

#SurvivalTip 85 – Don't forget about OTC medications and first aid supplies. Most of what we have in the USA comes from China and other foreign countries, and is extremely vulnerable to supply chain disruptions.

#SurvivalTip 86 – You don't need an expensive gym membership to get into shape. Walking, hiking, bicycling, swimming, gardening, and mowing grass with a push mower are all great forms of exercise. A set of free weights (dumbbells) will also work wonders if used regularly.

#SurvivalTip 87 - Flashlights. Headlamps. The ability to see in the dark is extremely important. Have a good EDC pocket flashlight with you at all times. Also, flashlights / headlamps at home, in your vehicles, and in your bug-out bags. Remember extra batteries.

#SurvivalTip 88 - Stocking up as part of your survival plan? Make sure to have plenty of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and floss. Cleanliness isn't just polite, it is necessary for good health.

#SurvivalTip 89 - Never put all your eggs in one basket. Have multiple plans. Be flexible. Adaptability is a major key to long-term survival.

#SurvivalTip 90 – Remember PACE (= Primary, Alternative, Contingency, Emergency) when planning. Don't “paint yourself in a corner” by only having one plan.

#SurvivalTip 91 - If you have the room, and money, strongly consider a greenhouse.

#SurvivalTip 92 - Set aside at least a few hundred dollars emergency cash in a safe, hidden spot in your home. (How much depends on your personal circumstances and concerns.)

#SurvivalTip 93 - Your mental & emotional condition is extremely important in a crisis. Deal with any addictions or other issues now. Build good relationships with family, friends, God.

#SurvivalTip 94 - Learn how to tie various knots and why you would choose one over another, depending on the circumstances. This is a basic skill, especially for preppers and homesteaders, yet many are clueless.

#SurvivalTip 95 - Think like a burglar. How would you break into your home? Now do something about those security weaknesses.

#SurvivalTip 96 - Learn about the health effects of various plants and mushrooms. Search “medicinal plants” in your favorite search engine as a starting point.

#SurvivalTip 97 – Edible landscaping. Consider planting fruit & nut trees, berry bushes, and perennial herbs if you have the room.

#SurvivalTip 98 - Make improvements to your home’s energy efficiency to reduce the impact of high energy inflation and taxes. Examples: Repair/improve insulation. Install energy efficient windows. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient models.

#SurvivalTip 99 – The single most important thing you can do now to survive any future chaos is to start taking responsibility for your own life. Your life = Your responsibility.

#SurvivalTip 100 - Regarding you gear: Quality is more important than quantity.

#SurvivalTip 101 – Regarding your gear: The best, most expensive gear in the world won't save you if you don't have the skills to use them.

#SurvivalTip 102 - The “stuff” you stock up on can go bad, be lost, used up, broken, or stolen. Knowledge and skills will always be with you.

#SurvivalTip 103 - Water is a major key to survival in any situation. Know how to conserve it, collect it, store it, and treat it.

#SurvivalTip 104 - Worried about the next pandemic? Improve your overall health. Wash your hands often, especially after being out in public, handling money, etc. Avoid sick people whenever possible.

#SurvivalTip 105 - Worried about the next pandemic? Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Zinc work wonders in boosting the immune system.

#SurvivalTip 106 - Worried about the next pandemic? Take commonsense precautions (see Tips 104, 105), but don't let them ever get away with using fear to limit our freedoms and control us again!

#SurvivalTip 107 - Get out of debt. Stress over debt is distracting, damages personal relationships (financial problems are #1 cause of divorce), limits your options, raises blood pressure and stress hormone levels (which in turn raises blood sugar), and is otherwise very harmful to your physical and mental health. 

#SurvivalTip 108 - Get out of debt. Collapse will likely mean aggressive collection tactics and debtor's prisons, not clean slate.

#SurvivalTip 109 - Read your water meter before and after several hours of no water use. If meter changes, there is a leak.

#SurvivalTip 110 - Check for toilet tank leaks by adding food color to the tank. If toilet is leaking, color will appear in the bowl within 30 minutes. Flush as soon as test is done, since food coloring may stain.

#SurvivalTip 111 – Consider insulating your water pipes. You'll get hot water faster plus avoid wasting water while it heats up.

#SurvivalTip 112 - Fill in gaps where pipes and wires come into the house (kitchen, bathrooms, etc) with can of spray foam insulation. This will increase your homes energy efficiency, and acts as a barrier to bugs and other pests.

#SurvivalTip 113 - Mulch your garden to retain moisture in the soil. Mulching also helps to control weeds that compete with plants for water.

#SurvivalTip 114 - Homesteading? Small farm? Don't forget to stock up on lumber, nails, screws, and other building materials.

#SurvivalTip 115 – Check and change batteries on a regular basis (flashlights, radios, smoke detectors, etc.). Don't forget seldom used gear in glove compartments, tool boxes, bug out bags, etc.

#SurvivalTip 116 – Worried about inflation and supply chain problems? Consider buying your next set of tires now. Store in a dry, cool place (such as a spare room) until needed.

#SurvivalTip 117 – Be less of a consumer. Reduce your expenses. Get "lean & mean." Use the savings to prepare for an uncertain future (pay off debt, build an emergency fund, buy supplies, etc.).

#SurvivalTip 118 - Take care of your health so that you are less likely to need expensive medical treatment.

#SurvivalTip 119 - Keep some cash on hand (in a hidden, secure place) in case of bank holidays and ATM problems. How much? Depends on your own unique circumstances and concerns.

#SurvivalTip 120 - In your prepping, don't forget the special needs of the elderly, babies, young children, disabled folks, and pets.

#SurvivalTip 121 - Be sure to include some non-electronic entertainment in your prepping - books, puzzles, games, etc.

#SurvivalTip 122 - Constantly re-evaluate your plans. Things change, and we need to adjust to those changes.

#SurvivalTip 123 - Guard your privacy: Identity theft in America is now in the tens-of-billions of dollars a year.

#SurvivalTip 124 - Guard your privacy: Politicians and bureaucrats can punish folks they disagree with, as the weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, FBI, ATF, and other federal agencies prove.

#SurvivalTip 125 - Guard your privacy: It is now very PC for government and law enforcement to consider preppers, homesteaders, conservatives, Christians, Trump-supporters, parents who criticize schools, and many others as "potential domestic terrorists."

#SurvivalTip 126 - Guard your privacy: Employers now routinely "spy" on employees and applicants through social media.

#SurvivalTip 127 - Guard your privacy: Many schools now routinely "spy" on students through social media and other means.

#SurvivalTip 128 - Don't say or do anything online, even anonymously, if you are not willing to accept the consequences.

#SurvivalTip 129 - Never threaten someone online, even sarcastically or in jest. You don't want that kind of attention.

#SurvivalTip 130 - The real political divide isn't Right vs. Left, but the Individual vs. Collectivists.

#SurvivalTip 131 - Ego is the enemy of the prepper. Ego demands the latest electronic toys, a cool car, status symbols, impressing neighbors, keeping up with trendy fads...

#SurvivalTip 132 - New to prepping? There's so much to do, it can seem overwhelming. Take small steps everyday.

#SurvivalTip 133 - New to prepping? Write things down in a notebook: concerns, plans, information, lists of things to buy and do...

#SurvivalTip 134 - New to prepping? NEVER go into debt to prep. Use cash, bargain hunt, save for big purchases, etc.

#SurvivalTip 135 - Flea markets, yard sales, salvage stores, and second-hand shops are great places to find bargains on prepper supplies.

#SurvivalTip 136 - Develop a communications plan with family, friends, neighbors, fellow Church members, members of your MAG, etc.

#SurvivalTip 137 - Keep a hard copy list of phone numbers, addresses, and written directions for important people and places.

#SurvivalTip 138 - Don't expect government help. Don't depend on government. Don't trust government.

#SurvivalTip 139 - The idea at the root of prepping is to build self-reliance, instead of being reliant on “the system,” business-as-usual, or the Government.

#SurvivalTip 140 - Not every crisis will be large-scale. Minor emergencies happen everyday. Be prepared for those, too.  

#SurvivalTip 141 - If you don't have a passport, get one. You never know when you'll need it. Get one for all family members, too.

#SurvivalTip 142 - Learn alternative routes for getting to your bug-out locations in case your main routes are blocked for some reason. Don't depend on Google Maps or other electronic means. They may not work in an emergency.

#SurvivalTip 143 - Most important things to work on right now? 1) mental preparations, and 2) health/fitness. Without these, other preps are useless.

#SurvivalTip 144 - In your fitness training, work on endurance, strength, and flexibility/balance. These will be very important.

#SurvivalTip 145 - For endurance training, ideas include walking, hiking, running, swimming, bicycling, and aerobics. All of these can be done without spending money.

#SurvivalTip 146 - For strength training, get a set of dumbbells or barbells (and use them). This is a cheaper option in the long-run than a gym membership.

#SurvivalTip 147 - For flexibility/balance, various stretching exercises should be part of daily routine. Dance, tai chi, and yoga are also good.

#SurvivalTip 148 - Of course, a great way to achieve fitness is by doing stuff - gardening, chopping wood, mowing grass with push mower, etc.

#SurvivalTip 149 - Have some "junk" silver coins on-hand. In an economic crisis or dollar collapse, they will be one possible means of economic exchange. Barter of goods or services will be the other possible means.

#SurvivalTip 150 - Mental exercise: If you had to stay home for two weeks (no going to store or having anything delivered), what would you run out of? What did you run out of during the unconstitutional lockdown of 2020?

#SurvivalTip 151 - A major, often overlooked, part of prepping is financial - living on less than you make, building savings, getting out of debt, and so forth.

#SurvivalTip 152 - If you can, consider planting fruit and nut trees on your property.

#SurvivalTip 153 - Live in an apartment or condo? Look into container gardening. Grow herbs on your windowsill, tomatoes , peppers and other veggies on your balcony.

#SurvivalTip 154 - Live in an apartment or condo? Look into joining a community garden. Or start one yourself. American Community Gardening Association = https://www.communitygarden.org/

#SurvivalTip 155 - Support local agriculture. Shop at farmers' markets and at stores that buy produce from local farms.

#SurvivalTip 156 - The most important part of personal security is awareness. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

#SurvivalTip 157 - Make sure every driver in your family and group knows how to change a tire.

#SurvivalTip 158 - A can of fix-a-flat might be a quicker and safer solution in some circumstances. But realize that it is a temporary fix only, and may void the tire warranty.

#SurvivalTip 159 - Do you have a hobby that you could turn into a side business, or even a full-time job? Look into developing multiple sources of income, instead of depending on just one.

#SurvivalTip 160 - Get your church involved in prepping. Some ideas: community gardening, first aid/CPR courses, swap meets...

#SurvivalTip 161 - Stand up for the Second Amendment. Vote against politicians who favor gun control. Join pro-gun groups. Let your voice be heard by contacting politicians, writing editorials, etc.

#SurvivalTip 162 - Consider getting a generator. And, of course, learn how to use it before SHTF.

#SurvivalTip 163 -New to prepping? Dried beans, grains and rice make a solid foundation to your long-term food storage.

#SurvivalTip 164 - New to prepping? Oatmeal makes a great addition to your long-term food storage.

#SurvivalTip 165 - Don't consider frozen foods part of your long-term storage. One extended power outage and it all spoils.

#SurvivalTip 166 - Canned meats and fish are great for long-term storage. Most are good for 3 - 5 years or longer.

#SurvivalTip 167 - Canned pastas (beef-o-roni, spaghetti & meatballs, etc) can be eaten straight out of the can without needing to be heated.

#SurvivalTip 168 - Coffee (and teas) store well and makes a great comfort item.

#SurvivalTip 169 - Gas may be hard to come by in and after an emergency scenario. Keep your tanks full and look into safely storing some extra gas.

#SurvivalTip 170 - Motor oil may be hard to come by in and after an emergency scenario. Store extra, if you can.

#SurvivalTip 171 - Learn how to do routine maintenance and basic repairs on your vehicles.

#SurvivalTip 172 - Keep some spare parts (air & oil filters, spark plugs, wiper blades, etc) for your vehicles on-hand.

#SurvivalTip 173 - Powdered milk makes a great addition to your long-term food storage.

#SurvivalTip 174 - In addition to powdered milk, you can also get powdered buttermilk, powdered cheese, powdered butter, powdered eggs...

#SurvivalTip 175 - Learn how to cook without electricity or natural gas.

#SurvivalTip 176 - Hunting and fishing may be a good way to provide food during and after a collapse, but game and fish may become depleted. This actually happened during the Great Depression.

#SurvivalTip 177 - Consider getting (and learning to use) fish traps, nets, and frog gigs.

#SurvivalTip 178 - Learn to identify and harvest wild edibles in your area.

#SurvivalTip 179 - "A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." -- Proverbs 22:3 (TLB)

#SurvivalTip 180 - "The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender." -- Proverbs 22:7 (ESV)

#SurvivalTip 181 - "The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down." -- Proverbs 21:20 (NIV)

#SurvivalTip 182 - "But if anyone does not provide for his own, that is his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." -- 1 Timothy 5:8 (HCSB)

#SurvivalTip 183 - "Then He [Jesus] said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." -- Luke 22:36 (NKJV)

The sword was the gun of Jesus' day – an excellent self-defense weapon

#SurvivalTip 184 – Noah was a prepper: "By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. By this he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith." -- Hebrews 11:7 (ESV)

#SurvivalTip 185 – Food Storage: "And you shall take for yourself of all food that is eaten, and you shall gather it to yourself; and it shall be food for you and for them." -- Genesis 6:21

#SurvivalTip 186 – Self-Defense: “If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.” – Exodus 22:2

#SurvivalTip 187 – Self-Defense Training: “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle” – Psalm 144:1

#SurvivalTip 188 – Encouragement: “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.” – 1 Corinthians 16:13

#SurvivalTip189 – Situational Awareness: "Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober." -- 1 Thessalonians 5:6

#SurvivalTip 190 – Against Debt: “One who lacks sense gives a pledge and puts up security in the presence of his neighbor." -- Proverbs 17:18

#SurvivalTip 191 – Work Hard and Prepare: “Go to the ant, you lazy person; observe its ways and grow wise. The ant has no commander, officer, or ruler. Even so, it gets its food in summer; gathers its provisions at harvest.” – Proverbs 6:6-8

#SurvivalTip 192 – Obey God: “And if you faithfully obey the voice of the Lord your God, being careful to do all his commandments that I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.” – Deuteronomy 28:1

#SurvivalTip 193 – Obey God: “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. “ – Joshua 1:8

#SurvivalTip 194 - Beekeeping is a fun and very useful hobby.

#SurvivalTip 195 - If you don't already have one, have a trailer hitch attached to your vehicle. It could be very useful.

#SurvivalTip 196 – It is important to talk to others about prepping, but keep details of your preps secret from all but your most trusted brothers. #OpSec

#SurvivalTip 197 - Are you already living where you want to ride out any economic or political collapse? If not, move sooner rather than later.

#SurvivalTip 198 - If you live in or near a mega-city, please consider moving somewhere safer.

#SurvivalTip 199 - If your city is already "dying" (like Detroit is, and there are others), get out now. Things will only get much worse.

#SurvivalTip 200 - Learn how to sharpen knives, and to repair & maintain tools. Tinker may be a great post-collapse job.

#SurvivalTip 201 - Small engine repair is a VERY useful skill to acquire.

#SurvivalTip 202 - Keep needed spare parts, tools, oils/lubes on hand for all your equipment.  

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