Sunday, December 25, 2022

How To Tell If Food Has Gone Bad

By Tim Gamble

How can you tell if your stored food, or any food for that matter, has gone bad? It is about common sense and awareness. Here are some clues to when food has gone bad:

  • The can, bag, or container is leaking, cracked, or bulging.
  • The can is severely dented, especially near the top, bottom, or seams of the can.
  • The can has a noticeable amount of rust (rust may create holes large enough for  germs to enter, but small enough that the product doesn't leak out).
  • There are signs of insects or mold, including dead insects, insect parts, webbing, or insect poop.
  • The food is badly discolored or "smells funny."
  • The texture of the food is wrong.
  • The food tastes bad, wrong, or odd.

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