Monday, October 2, 2023

The Best Firearm For SHTF and Post-Collapse

By Tim Gamble

What is the best firearm for SHTF and post-collapse scenarios? This is a subject of much debate in the prepper and survivalist realms, often quite heated. Rifle, shotgun, or handgun? AK or AR? Beretta? Browning? Colt? Henry? H&R? Kel-Tec? Mossberg? Remington? Ruger? Smith & Wesson? Taurus? And the list goes on and on...

When it comes to firearms, there are lots of options to have opinions about, so there are a lot of opinions out there. Lots. But relax, I am here to give you the CORRECT opinion. So, what is the best firearm for SHTF and post-collapse scenarios? 

The best firearm in any SHTF event or in any post-collapse world is the firearm you have in your hands and that you know how to use

Let's take a look at the two parts of that statement:

The firearm that you have in your hands. Despite what is shown in Hollywood movies, the vast majority of self-defense "gunfights" happen without much warning, last only seconds, and occur with the participants within 20 feet, usually less, of each other. You are not going to have time to get your "best" gun unless you have it on you. You could own the most awesome, most expensive firearm in the world and it will be absolutely worthless to you if it is at home when you are getting assaulted by an illegal alien outside the grocery store.  

The firearm that you know how to use. I mean that you REALLY know how to use. If all you know is which end you're supposed to point at the bad guy, then you don't really know how to use it. If you spent a half-hour with it at the range when you first bought it four years and haven't touched it since, then you really don't know how to use it. Learn how to use it before you need to use it.

Action Steps:
  • New to guns? A great book for beginners is The Gun Guide For People Who Know Nothing About Firearms, by Steven Gregersen. It is a short (100 pages), inexpensive, easy read that is a fairly detailed introduction to firearms and ammunition. It will clarify a lot of terms that may be confusing to beginners, explains how guns work, covers basic gun safety, and gives information on evaluating and purchasing firearms. 
  • Make your voice heard. Join an organization, or several, that fights for the Second Amendment and your right to defend your family. Let your elected officials know your opinion on any proposed gun laws. Vote against politicians that seek to violate the Second Amendment and take away your ability to defend yourself and your family. 
  • Talk to your local gun store to find out about gun safety courses, shooting ranges, and self-defense classes in your area. And get training! 
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