Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Prepare For An Event, Or Build For A Future?

By Tim Gamble

Are we preparing for an event, or are we building for a future? 

It seems like many folks within the larger community of preppers and survivalists are preparing for an event, be it a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, etc.) or a man-made one (war, economic collapse, tyranny, the next plandemic, etc.). Although these things remain frightening possibilities, and we should prepare for them, there is a problem with preparing for an event.

The event may never come to pass. Or it may happen one day, just not as soon as we might be expecting it. We expected the Russia-Ukraine War to quickly spill over into all of Europe. It didn't, at least not yet. We expected the Russians to use nukes, once it became apparent they were not going to achieve a quick victory. They haven't, at least not yet. We've been expecting China to attack Taiwan for years now. They haven't (not yet). We expected the war between Israel and Hamas to lead to quickly expand and lead to WW3. It really hasn't, at least not yet. I could make this a really long list of expected disasters that never materialized (not yet, anyway). 

Constantly getting ready for a disaster that never quite happens can lead to complacency. It can also turn some preppers away from preparedness in disgust over "wasted money, effort and time." The result being that when something finally does happen, we aren't actually prepared for it.

It also makes the prepper and survivalist community look like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Folks outside of preparedness then write us off as "crazy conspiracy theorists" and totally dismiss the need for preparedness. In turn, this reputation can make it easier for authorities to label us as "dangerous" and to crack down on our efforts. 

I suggest a better way. Instead of preparing for specific events, we should be building for a future, no matter what that future holds in store for us. Building what? Building self-reliance, resilience, adaptability, community, and alternative systems. Of course, basic preparedness would be a part of that. As would mental attitude, health and fitness, and acquiring knowledge, skills, gear and supplies. But the driving factor wouldn't be a one time event that may or may not happen. Instead the driving force would be building a lifestyle that would give us the tools needed to survive whatever the future holds in store. 

Just something to think about.  

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