Thursday, May 30, 2024

Advanced Preparedness: Beyond the Basics

By Tim Gamble

Today on his YouTube channel, Dave Kobler (aka SouthernPrepper1) posted a video asking "What things should you stock for long term survival after a total collapse?" He is looking for ideas beyond the basics of stocking food, water, hygiene and cleaning supplies, ammo, and first aid and medical supplies. Things that he, and we, may have overlooked in our preparations. Call these "advanced preparedness." I gave an answer in the comments section of his video, and wanted to give some additional thoughts here on my website.

First, the answer I gave Dave on his video: 

Knowledge in physical form (hard copies of books, articles, atlases, maps, etc.). The Internet may not work in the future (hacking, EMP, CME, infrastructure destroyed, etc.), or our increasingly tyrannical government may greatly restrict access to control We the People. Either way, we may not be able to look up things on Wikipedia, Google Maps, YouTube, or elsewhere. General reference books, text books, books on history and economics, homesteading, gardening, and country skills, a good road atlas, folding maps of your state, region, locality, a US wall map, a world wall map, a globe, medical and first aid books, and so forth. Also, physical copies of your favorite translations of the Bible and favorite study Bibles.

Now, some additional thoughts:

Dave doesn't need this bit because he is already doing his "personal hardware store" concept, but others may not know about it. Stockpile your own personal hardware store of supplies and tools you will need to repair and build things in a future where the supply chains are non-existent. This means basic hardware (nuts, bolts, nails, screws, wire, wood glue, super glue, twine, duct tape, gorilla tape...), spare parts (for trucks and cars, tractors, appliances, plumbing, HVAC repairs...), and lumber, bricks, concrete blocks, and fencing. Dave is big into getting salvage items, often for free, and looking for deals, clearance items, and other ways to stock up these items on the cheap. This could also make a good post-collapse business, so consider stocking up not just for personal use, but for barter and re-sale. (hardware amazon link(auto parts amazon link)

Repairing clothing, shoes, and similar items may also become a necessity, so don't forget cloth, thread, needles, pins, patches, Velcro and other sewing supplies. (amazon link

We all need to see, so those of us who wear either prescription glasses or reading glasses should consider stocking up an extra pair or two (or three). Reading glasses are especially cheap right now, so get several. They will quickly disappear from store shelves after SHTF and who knows how long it will be before we can buy more. And consider getting not only your current power, but a few with higher magnifications, too. After all, our eyesight will probably get worse over time. (amazon link

Some other items:
  • Manual Can Openers (amazon link) - If the power is out, you are going to need some way of opening all those canned goods. 
  • Thermal Socks (amazon link), Thermal Underwear (amazon link) - Ways to keep warm in the winter during grid-down. 
  • Work Gloves (amazon link) - Gardening, cutting firewood, and other chores around the homestead. Clearing debris, broken glass, etc., after a disaster. 
  • Portable Fuel Filters (amazon link)- One for each of your vehicles, generators, tractors, etc., plus a couple extra. I wrote an entire article on the importance of clean fuel a few years ago.
Do you have some other ideas for this "next level" of prepping and survival? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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