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A Reader's Comments on my Weather Forcasting article

By Timothy Gamble (June 15, 2016)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article entitled Post-Collapse Skill: Weather Forecasting. In it, I pointed out how useful the ability to accurately forecast the weather would be in a post-collapse world, where we no longer have the national weather service, weather satellites, etc.  One of my twitter followers, Cindy McCafferty (@CMcCafferty3), an amateur weather forecaster according to her twitter bio, sent me a series of tweets on the topic. Here are her suggestions**:

** "Acurite has a station battery and solar powered $100 Walmart, $200 internet recording on"  

** "Mine is the Acurite 1010 Pro several years old $80-100 at Walmart. Mine does not connect to internet/stats on Wunderground"

** " My old Acurite 1010 Professional indoor monitor panel buy the one with all the bells and whistle"  Her tweet included this pic:

Folks, here's the link to the Amazon listings for AcuRite weather stations. 

** "You can also use stats from other people's stations on Wunderground"

The website for Wunderground is Its a really interesting website, which uses/posts stats from thousands of personal weather stations. You can easily pull up info from nearby weather stations.

** "And don't forget aneroid at hardware stores, garage sales set altitude"

McCafferty is referring to aneroid barometers, which are instruments for measuring pressure with a method that does not involve using a liquid. Remember to adjust them for your altitude.

In some other tweets, McCafferty also suggests being careful of where you place your weather station. Too near a building, for example, might interfere with wind speed measurement, etc.

Additionally, she says ** "The 1010 dies not connect to internet yo share data. Wish mine did. But you can take advantage if local station stats of other via Wunderground."

She also stresses the need for complete weather information for accurate weather forecasting, and that not all weather stations have all the information you really need, therefore: ** "Always buy the professional stations" if accurate forecasts are your goal. 

Thank You, Cindy, for you comments. I found them very useful, and will likely be getting my own AcuRite weather station in the next few weeks!

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