Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Free Resource of the Day - March 10

3-10-2021 - Don't forget about the free resources available in your local area: 

The Public Library - Use your library card. Libraries are a great source of free information. You can check out a wide range of books on gardening, country skills, food preservation & canning, sewing, health & first aid, home improvement, auto repair, small engine repair, fishing, hunting, nature field guides, edible wild plants, wilderness survival, personal finance, and so forth.

Entertainment, too, can be had for free at your local library, and not just books and magazines to read. Many libraries today have movie DVDs, music CDs, audio books, board games, jig-saw puzzles, and other types of entertainment that you can check out for free.

Local Parks and Greenways offer lots of opportunities for free exercise, recreation, and family time. My local parks have walking/jogging trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball fields, and even a lake for fishing at one one of the parks. Some offer free programs and concerts on weekends or during the summer. Hiking greenways is great exercise. Bring along some nature identification guides and turn it into a learning experience.

Free Maps - Many states and localities offer free road maps at interstate rest stops, local tourism boards, and other government agencies. Having actual street maps, instead of depending on GPS and Google maps could be very useful if the Internet goes down for whatever reason. 

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