Saturday, December 11, 2021

Comments Section on Website

 Hi Folks,

Now is a good time to explain the Comments section for this website.  The purpose of this website is for me to publish my writings on various topics related to survival and self-reliance. This website is not intended to be a forum or discussion group. There is a comments section at the bottom of each article for folks to leave their thoughts, comments, and questions related to the article. 

Due to past abuses of the Comments section (links to pornography, SPAM, personal attacks, etc.), the Comments section is moderated. That means all comments must be approved before they appear on the website. Comments that include any links are automatically deleted. Comments that are way off-topic, or that contain vulgar or obscene language will not be approved (this is a family-friendly website). Disagreements and criticisms are allowed, but personal attacks and name-calling are not, and will be deleted. 

These steps are needed to maintain common decency and provide a good experience for the website's audience. Additionally, there is a matter of potential legal liability for links to pronography, or links to other websites infested with viruses, malware, and/or scams. 

Comment approval takes time (this website is literally a one-man operation), so please don't make multiple posts of the same comment because it wasn't immediately approved. And making increasingly angry comments and resorting to name-calling won't get your original comment approved any faster. 

Again, this website is not intended to be a forum or discussion group. That requires different software than I have, as well as more time, bandwidth, and technical expertise. And, of course, all that costs more money, which I certainly don't have.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope you enjoy my website and find it useful! 

Tim Gamble  

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