Wednesday, January 19, 2022

An Urgent Appeal to Preppers (and especially to those who aren't yet)


First, I would like to direct you to an article I wrote on my other website, The name of the article is Technocracy, The Power Elite, and the Transformation of Human Civilization. Understanding the information in this article is extremely important to understanding the manipulation we are enduring at their hands, and where they are successfully driving us towards. I hope you will take the 10 minutes needed to read it, and to think about the implications for yourself and your family/tribe/community. 

Second, please don't turn a blind eye to what is really going on. You will be shocked by how far along the Elite are in their plans. Don't be deceived, we are NOT winning. I hear from folks almost everyday who say "We are winning" and point to some recent minor victory or bit of good news. We may win the occasional battle, but make no mistake **they** are winning the war. (Again, please read the article.) 

There is a great Friedrich Nietzsche quote: "Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.

For your sake, and the sake of your family, I want your illusions destroyed. I want you to become extremely uncomfortable. Survival depends on it.  That is the reason I posted my Forecast 2022 - A Survivalist's Perspective. You need to have no illusions as to what is going on, and what the future holds in store.

Which brings me to my Urgent Appeal: Start doing the things you need to do now. And do them with an intensity that says your life depends on it. Because it does.  

I've been around the prepper and survivalist community for over 20 years now. I promise you that I personally have never felt the urgency that I feel right now. I truly believe that things will get worse, much worse, this year. And I truly believe that we are in for a decades (generations) long struggle against forces hell-bent on radically changing human civilization. 

There will be no one SHTF event after which we will quickly rebuild the Old Republic and save civilization. We are facing decades of dystopia. Your preparations - from stockpiling food to building community - will determine the fate of yourself, and of your family for generations to come. 

I don't know how else to motivate you and encourage you. I don't know how to more bluntly state what I believe. Time is up. There is no future to which to put off getting prepared. If you are prepared, get more prepared. If you are preparing, than intensify your efforts 3-fold, 5-fold, 10-fold. If you haven't started preparing yet - may God have mercy on your soul for you intentionally turned a blind eye to reality for whatever reasons. Do everything you can now to get "caught up" and pray for the best.

My apologies for the "doom and gloom." Sometimes reality isn't all peaches and cream.

Tim Gamble


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  1. I know that Christians will say that in the Bible God has already won, but then why are these elites winning the war? And what about us personally? Do we 'win'? Or is the 'victory' only for God himself? What do we get?


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