Saturday, January 1, 2022

Terms-of-Service (TOS)


The following Terms-of-Serive (TOS) supersedes any and all previous terms. 

This website,, is free. However, it may contain advertising and/or affiliate links in order to "pay the bills" and to stay in operation.

The primary purpose of this website is to publish the writings of Tim Gamble (me) on various topics relating to preparedness, survival, homesteading, personal finance, personal security, and self-reliance, as well as other information I think may be interesting or useful to my audience. Articles may contain information and opinion of a political or religious nature. 

All material on this website is copyright of the author and website owner, Tim Gamble, except where noted. Readers may freely share links to this website and to individual articles.

Articles by Tim Gamble may be reprinted or republished elsewhere, fully or in part, provided that 1) the article is not changed or reworded, 2) Tim Gamble is clearly credited as the author, and 3) a link to the original article or to is included. 

This is a family-friendly website, and one that promotes traditional Biblical and family values. If this offends you, please go elsewhere. 

This website maintains a limited comments section (bottom of each article), but is not designed or intended to be an open forum or discussion group. To be a fully-functioning discussion group or forum requires different software, more bandwidth (= more money), and considerably more time and technical expertise than I have. 

The comments section is moderated, and all posts must be approved before they appear on the website, which may take a little time since this website is a one-man operation. Please be patient. 

Comments containing links will be automatically deleted (for safety and liability reasons).

Comments containing obscenities, threats, and personal attacks may be deleted (for common decency, as well as potential safety and liability reasons). 

Off-topic comments may or may not be approved at the sole discretion of Tim Gamble. 

Again, this website is not designed or intended to be an open-forum or discussion group. 

Email subscriptions and RSS feeds are managed by Follow.It. Dystopian Survival respects personal privacy and will never sell or otherwise share your email address or personal information with others. Dystopian Survival does not collect personally identifiable information on its visitors, except for email addresses voluntarily given when and if someone chooses to subscribe. 

This website is pro-America (as the Republic the founding fathers intended), pro-Constitution (including the Bill of Rights), pro-Capitalism (free markets, small business, local economies), and pro-Christendom (traditional Western civilization). If this offends you, please go elsewhere. 

This website is anti-Fascism (the merging of corporations with government power), anti-Marxism (all forms including socialism, communism, Maoism, etc.), and anti-Authoritarianism (centralized control of the masses by a small Elite). 

I, Tim Gamble, am not a medical, financial, or legal professional. The information  presented here is not intended as professional advice, but rather is meant solely as "food for thought" and a starting point for your further investigation. It is the reader's responsibility to verify information presented and to carefully consider its suitability for your life and particular circumstances. This is called "personal responsibility" and is highly encouraged. 

These terms of service are subject to change at my sole discretion.

Continued use of this website constitutes understanding and acceptance to all the above.

Thank you,

Tim Gamble 


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