Sunday, April 3, 2022

More Bird Flu - Over 27 Million Chickens and Turkeys Destroyed

By Tim Gamble

There are more cases of the bird flu in US flocks to report, as Iowa is being especially hard hit. Outbreaks on three more Iowa farms last week lead to the killing of an additional 5.3 million chickens and 123,500 turkeys, according to state officials. 

Since the bird flue outbreak began last month, a total of 25.7 million chickens and 1.9 million turkeys have been destroyed nationally in an attempt to to the spread of the bird flu, which is highly contagious. According to the USDA, the bird flu has been found in commercial and backyard flocks in 23 states. The CDC reports that no human cases of the bird flu virus have been detected in the United States.

It is safe to eat cooked poultry products, as cooking poultry and eggs to an internal temperature of 165 degrees kills bacteria and viruses.

Watch for poultry and egg prices, already hard hit by inflation over the last year, to continue to rise due to the outbreak. If the bird flu outbreak worsens, we could even see some shortages in coming weeks. Prepare accordingly. 


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