Friday, April 8, 2022

You Need To Pay Attention To These Developing Threats (other than Russia-Ukraine)

By Tim Gamble

Folks seem to be (understandably) fixated on the Russia-Ukraine War, but there are plenty of other ongoing and emerging threats. Here are 10 threats to watch, in no particular order. 

1) Ongoing Inflation and Supply-Chain Problems - Been to a store recently? Notice that there are still empty spots and thin shelves? Yes, things have gotten somewhat better, but the supply-chain problems are far from over. And, China is starting to shut down again as they are experiencing a new wave of Covid (I'll talk more about this later in this article). Inflation is also an ongoing problem. I've noticed, as I am sure you have too, that every time I go shopping prices seem to have gone up again. Because they are. And it isn't over. Both the supply chain problems and inflation will continue, and probably get worse, throughout 2022.  Inflation. Shortages. 

2) The Ongoing Bird-Flu Pandemic - As I've been reporting on Dystopian Survival, there is an ongoing Bird Flu epidemic in the United States which has resulted in over 27 million chickens and turkeys being destroyed in the last month. Most of these have been egg-laying hens (think about how many food products contain eggs), but also a lot of meat birds. And it is not just in the US, as flocks have also been destroyed in Canada, Romania, and The Philippines in recent weeks due to Bird Flu. Inflation. Food shortages. 

3) The Fertilizer Shortage - China appears to be experiencing a new surge in Covid cases, and the CCP ordered factories in some regions to completely shut down again. This is affecting the price and availability of fertilizer in the USA, since we unwisely import much of our fertilizers from China. This in turn is affecting corn production (typically very fertilizer intensive), as many farmers are planting soybeans (less fertilizer needed) instead. This will drive up the price of corn, ethanol, and corn-syrup (a sweetener that is in almost everything it seems). Inflation. 

4) The End of Cash and The Great Reset - The Biden administration is taking steps to move us away from cash and towards a new digital currency. The end of cash is a long-desired goal of the Elites and their technocrats. It is all about control. Going all digital means they can monitor ALL your transactions, decide if you are using your money in a way they deem appropriate, and even stop you from spending money in ways they don't approve. Think I'm crazy? There are already credit cards that monitor the "carbon impact" of your purchases and will disallow purchases once you hit your "carbon allowance" for the month. Think of how many other areas this can be expanded into... This is also part of the so-called Great Reset (link to article by Michael Rectenwald).  Loss of privacy. Loss of control over your own money. Loss of economic freedom. Loss of liberty. Slavery to the State.

5) Vaccine Requirements / Vaccine Passports - The war between Russia and Ukraine may have pushed vaccine insanity out of the headlines for now, but they (government, Elites, technocrats) have in no way given up on the idea. In fact, as I write this news is breaking that the Federal Appeals Court has reinstated the mandate for federal workers. Why are they still pushing vaccines mandates and passports. One word - Control. Check out this article which The Epoch Times published yesterday: Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Digital ID and Globalist Control.  Loss of privacy. Loss of economic freedom. Loss of liberty. Slavery to the State. Limits on freedom of movement. 

6) The Escalating Border Crisis - Massive uncontrolled illegal immigration is being allowed, even encouraged, and it is getting worse. Hundreds of thousands of new illegal immigrants are currently on their way to our borders and expected to arrive within the next month or so. Weakening America. Destroying national identity. Crime. Potential terrorism and disease. Potential election interference. Straining of federal and state budgets. Creation of a permanent underclass. 

7) Critical Race Theory (CRT) / LGBT Indoctrination - The Elites are remaking civilization and are seeking to destroy those things that stand in their way. CRT destroys patriotism, and it is in our schools, in Big Business, in pop culture, in government, and even in the military. The LGBT agenda destroys the traditional family model, and it is also being actively pushed in schools, businesses, pop culture, government, and the military. Weakening America. Weakening the traditional family. Undermining Biblical values. 

8) Election Integrity - We have a major election coming up this November. Right now everyone is predicting a Republican landslide, with the GOP taking both the House and Senate. But wait, we just saw the Deep State and the Left steal a Presidential election, so why do you think this election will be different? Yes, some states have passed election integrity bills, but frankly most of what passed was cosmetic changes rather than substantive changes. Just enough to say they did something, but not enough to correct the situation. Besides, the few substantial changes that were made have all been overturned in court. My prediction: The Dems will keep control of both the House and Senate after another obviously stolen election that no one will be permitted to talk about... Political and economic turmoil. Bad policies. Weakening of America. Loss of liberty. 

9) Technocracy - This is a much bigger threat than most folks realize. The emerging technocracy, which I discussed in detail in another article back in January, is at the root of our problems. Technology is the tool that is being used by the Elites to drastically change our world to their benefit at our expense. Most people have no idea how drastically their lives will change for the worse over the next several years. And, no, living on your remote homestead will not completely protect you from the coming changes. After all, part of their plan is to force country folks off their land and into the big cities. And they will do it without having to fire a shot, for the most part. They will simply make rural life untenable for most folks, unless you are ready for what is coming. Loss of privacy. Loss of economic freedom. Loss of liberty. Slavery to the State. 

Bonus Threat: I haven't even mentioned this, but there is still the threat of China attacking Taiwan. Now would be a good time as the world is distracted by what is happening in Ukraine. It would be extremely difficult for the US and allies to engage in two major wars at the same time, so China might not have a better opportunity than what it has now. Watch this situation closely. 

Bottom Line: The point I am making is to not get distracted by the flashy headlines regarding the Russia-Ukraine War. Yes, we need to be aware of that situation, but there is lots of other developing and ongoing threats to be aware of, too. Preparedness and self-reliance is more important than ever. Do the things you need to do to protect yourself and your family. 

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