Thursday, October 13, 2022

Price Drop on Mushrooms at Aldi's (and why mushrooms are great for the survival pantry)

By Tim Gamble  10-13-2022

I was at an Aldi's in a nearby town earlier today, and noticed that the canned mushrooms have actually dropped in price to 85¢ a can. For the last couple of months they were priced at $1.08 a can at that Aldi's. That is a savings of 23¢ a can. It is still a lot higher than the 35¢ a can it was selling at back before inflation really kicked in. Canned mushrooms are still over $1 at Walmart, so relatively speaking this is a good deal. I picked up a tray (24 cans) to add to my stockpile.

Why Mushrooms Make a Great Survival Pantry Food:
  • Very Healthy - a good source of protein, fiber, and several important minerals, including copper, selenium, and magnesium
  • Long Shelf Life  - as long as the can isn't swollen, leaking, or otherwise damaged, canned mushrooms will likely be edible for years past their "best by" date 
  • Easy To Store - mushrooms are quite compact, and the cans stack well, meaning you can store a lot of servings in a small space.
  • A Great Food Extender - mushrooms make a great addition to rice dishes, beans, soups, stews, and chili, meaning they will help you get additional servings out of those dishes
  • A Meat Substitute - mushrooms provide some protein and have a texture similar to meat, meaning that they can be used as a meat substitute in many dishes when you are running low on the real thing

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