Monday, October 10, 2022

Scam Alert: Gold Jewelry For Gas Money

On today's edition of "Boots on the Ground", SouthernPrepper1 mentioned a scam that has been going around for awhile. It reminded me that I encountered this scam back in the summer. Let's call it the "Gold Jewelry For Gas Money" scam. Here is how I encountered it:

I was walking back to my vehicle in a Lowe's parking lot. A blue van pulled up next to me and the driver rolled down his window to talk to me. I initially thought he was going to ask for directions, as he started off by saying that they (the man and his family) were from out of state. Instead, he proceeded to tell me they were almost out of gas, and that his credit card wasn't working for some reason. If I would give him cash to buy gas with for him and his family, he would give me his gold ring, which he pulled of his finger to show me. He told me the ring was worth at least $200, but they were desperate for gas money, so he would sell it to me for only $50. 

I told him I didn't have any cash on me, and I pointed out that there was a pawn shop just up the road about a quarter-mile from where we were, if he wanted to sell the ring. He tried to plead with me to buy the ring, pointing out that his wife and kids were in the van with him (he pointed out his family several times to me hoping to build sympathy). I refused, and he drove off. When he pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed he did not go in the direction of the pawn shop I mentioned to him. 

The incident SP1 reported on was almost identical to what I encountered. A family in a van from "out of state" is desperate for cash to buy gas, since their credit card isn't working for some reason. They offer to sell "gold" jewelry for a lot less than they claim it is worth. The only difference between the two incidents is that the family in the van that approached me was clearly Mexican, while the family SP1 reported on was said to be middle-eastern.  

Folks, don't fall for this scam. The "gold" ring or other jewelry the scammers are offering you isn't gold, and might be worth a couple of bucks at the very most. They are playing on your sympathy and your greed to sell you fake jewelry. As the economy continues to deteriorate, expect scams like this one to only become more common. 

Stay smart. Stay safe.

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