Thursday, February 16, 2023

Fighting Inflation? Don't Make This Couple's Mistake!

By Tim Gamble

A few weeks ago I watched a prepper video where a 40-something couple were talking about inflation and high prices. In the video, they took us on a shopping trip to their local Walmart. I was stunned to see them make a BIG mistake that probably cost them at least $15 to $20 when they checked out. I'm not going to name them or give a link to the video, because this article isn't meant as an attack on them, who seem like good people. Instead, I just want you folks to learn from their mistake.

Watching them shop on their video, it became obvious that they were what I call "name brand snobs." Everything they put into their cart, from tomato sauce to canned soups to laundry detergent to shampoo, was a major name brand. Even when there was a generic or store brand available at a much lower cost, they always went for the name brand. And when there were multiple name brands available, they always seemed to go for the more costly name brand. Again, let me say that they did not put a single generic or store brand in their cart. This name-brand loyalty probably added $15-$20 to their bill when they checked out. 

Companies spend billions of dollars every year marketing their names, convincing people that their brand is the best, and building customer loyalty to their name. Apparently the brain-washing works, so it is money well-spent by the companies. Of course, they reap all those marketing expenses back, and then some, through the higher prices the brain-washed happily pay them. 

So, my inflation fighting tip: Don't be a name brand snob. 


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  1. Agree 100%. Until the recent massive increases in food prices my neighbor absolutely refused to step into a WM much less even taste a GV product. Now she brags about how much less she spends on food with GV brands. Why are so many brand snobs?


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