Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Are Preppers Part of the Problem?

By Tim Gamble

Every so often I see folks make a comment similar to this one: "I could never be a prepper. Preppers just hide from problems in their mountain retreat, instead of being part of the solution." There is so much ignorance in those statements. Let me try to answer some of it. 

Call it whatever - preparedness, survivalism, self-reliance - but it does not mean shutting yourself off from your friends or community. It certainly doesn't mean heading for the hills and hiding, heavily armed, in a secret compound having no contact with the outside world until after some dread doomsday comes to pass. Far from being cowards hiding from problems, preppers are realists who recognize that problems do exist and are trying to do something to protect themselves and their families from those problems. 

If you have ever listened to a flight attendant give emergency instructions, you may have noticed that they tell parents traveling with children to put the oxygen mask on themselves first, before putting one on their child. The airlines don't say that because they hate children. Instead, they know that if a parent is to help their child, they must first be able to do so. A parent unconscious from the lack of oxygen will be of absolutely no help to their child.

Likewise, we will be of little or no help to our family, friends and community, if we are the ones in need of help ourselves. In fact, our own helplessness may make matters much worse for our community. Far from being selfish, building self-reliance and being prepared may be among the smartest and most generous things you can do for others.

At its heart, preparedness is about self-reliance - the ability to depend on ourselves in an emergency, rather than being helpless and totally dependent on government agencies or other outside forces to save us. Being ready for an emergency, be it anything from a natural disaster to an unexpected job loss, is important. But the importance of preparedness goes way beyond that. Preparedness is about saving our families, our country, our freedoms, and our way of life. It is about saving civilization itself. Consider this:

The more self-reliant we are as individuals, families, and communities, the less need we will have for government, and the less power the Elites will have over our lives. This fact is is obvious to the Elites, which is why they have focused so much effort on attacking the concept of self-reliance, labeling it as too hard, unrealistic, unfair, and selfish, among other things. The Elites want us as dependent on government, and therefore on them, as possible. It is about control. 
Being prepared and self-reliant removes much of that control. In turn, this gives us the freedom and the ability to become part of the real solutions, rather than just remaining part of the problem.

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