Monday, September 11, 2023

Some Notes

By Tim Gamble 
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Just a few notes:

1) Mystery plant identified? After getting suggestions from several people, and looking up pictures of the fruit and plant, I've decided that my mystery plant is most likely a variety of Winter Melon, also called Ash Gourd. Winter melons are a green fruit with white flesh and a mild flavor, according to what I've read. It is used in Chinese soups and stir-fries. I have no idea how one ended up in my garden, other than a bird probably "planted" it there. 

2) Over on my Resistance Website, I just posted a two-part article on Guarding Your Privacy. Readers of Dystopian Survival may be interested in it:
3) Also on my Resistance Website, I recently posted a four-part series on Protecting Your Family From the State and Society: 
4) A reminder: Dystopian Survival (and is now an affiliate of Refuge Medical and Refuge Training. Refuge Medical is a family-owned business based out of Oklahoma, which designs and manufactures high quality, American made, first aid kits and supplies for military, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, and civilians. The kits are made in America and guaranteed for life. A 10% Discount Code will automatically be applied at checkout when you visit their website using links from my websites.

5) I am now on Instagram. Yeah, I know... Instagram. It is my attempt to reach out to a broader audience with my message, especially a younger audience that likely isn't hearing much about self-reliance, preparedness, or traditional values on a regular basis. My Instagram account is @DystopianSurv. Check it out if you are on Instagram, and give me a follow. You can even see my Bigfoot photo on there (for real - and its not blurry!).  

6) I'm also on Gab at, there are some "unpleasant" folks on there, but they're easy enough to mute and block. I've found that most Gab folks are decent people and there are more actual interactions on there than on Twitter/X. Reminds me of the old days of Twitter before the censorship crap started. I am the most active on Gab. 
AD:  Augason Farms Long-Term Food Storage - This is where I get powdered butter, eggs, cheese, milk, and other long-term foods for my Survival Pantry. Shelf-life up to 20+ years. Good quality, good taste, good value. For my money (literally, since I am a paying customer), Augason Farms is the best long-term foods option. 

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