Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Homestead Hints by S.K. Fox

By Tim Gamble 

There is a new neo-pioneering homesteading book on the market, Homestead Hints by S.K. Fox. I bought a copy a few weeks ago. I am extremely impressed with it, as it is a short (only 62 pages), very readable book that is absolutely crammed with highly useful information. There is no fluff or filler in it, just good info for anyone new to or considering the homesteading lifestyle. Even seasoned homesteaders will likely find this book useful.     

You may know S.K Fox as Sister Kate of Shofar Mountain, whose husband is Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). They have been off-grid homesteading for over 10 years now, and have been into prepping and survivalism for a lot longer. Sister Kate's life experiences include being a girl scout leader, certified firearms instructor, firefighter, and EMT, among many other experiences. 

Homesteading Hints contains 13 chapters. Here are the titles, with my brief description of each:
  1. Before You Start Homesteading = Things to think about and do BEFORE starting your homesteading journey (such as getting out of debt)
  2. The Land = Finding and buying land
  3. Your Little Slice of Heaven = Deciding what you want in a homestead (will influence what you buy)
  4. The Cheapest Homesteading Options = Marginal land, going off-grid, solar ovens, water catchment, and other money-saving ways to homestead.
  5. Moving = Moving is stressful and costs money. Plan for it and budget for it. 
  6. Animals = Considerations for chickens, goats, sheep, cows, and other animals on the homestead. 
  7. Gardening = Growing your own food. Also some info regarding wild edibles. 
  8. A Way to Organize Your Homesteading Life = Year round, weekly, and daily calendars of activities. 
  9. Food Basics For the Homesteader = Recommended cookbooks, kitchen tools, canning supplies, food stables, and even info on milking goats, sheep, and cows. 
  10. Machines vs. Manpower = Nobody said homesteading must be off-grid.
  11. Vehicle = Vehicle considerations: trucks, tractors, ATVs, mules (the kind with wheels, not hooves), etc.
  12. Extras = Wi-Fi and Internet accessibility
  13. And Finally... 24 Homesteading Hints = This chapter alone is worth the price of the book, in my opinion. 
Homesteading Hints also fits in very well with one of my themes here on Dystopian Survival, that of Biblical Agrarianism. I believe that agrarianism is God's intent for His people. This doesn't mean everyone must be a farmer or homesteader - after all, there are plenty of support functions that must be done - but that as God's people, our lives, culture, economy, and civilization should reflect the primary importance of agriculture. This book defiantly points in that direction. And I defiantly recommend it to anyone interested in homesteading or a more agrarian lifestyle on any scale. 

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  1. Hey Tim, thanks for the review and shoutout on Instagram. Glad you liked the book. SK


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