Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tim's Favorites (List 1)

By Tim Gamble

I've been active in the survival community for 20 years online, and even longer in real life. I get lots of questions about what I actually do and use; what are my favorites? My favorite knife? My favorite news sources? My favorite search engine? My favorite whatever... Well, here is a simple list of my favorite things. If this proves popular, I will post additional lists in the future.

My Favorite Browsers:
(My concerns are for privacy and security)
  1. Brave (link)
  2. Firefox (link
My Favorite Search Engines: 
(Chief concern is for privacy, secondary concern is bias/wokeness)
  1. SwissCows (link) - great privacy; bonus: filters out pornography
  2. Qwant (link
  3. Brave (link
  4. DuckDuckGo (link) - great privacy, but wokeness/bias has creeped into its results
My LEAST Favorite Search Engines:
(Never use these three. No privacy and highly biased/woke results)
  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
My Favorite Folders (Pocket Knives):
(I carry one of these everyday)
  1. Cold Steel Finn Wolf (Amazon link)
  2. Swiss Army Knife Victorinox Hiker (Amazon link)
My Favorite Survival Knives:
  1. Air Force Survival Knife by Ontario Knife Company (Amazon link)
  2. Gerber Gear Prodigy Survival Knife (Amazon link)
My Favorite General Survival Books:
  1. Survivalist Family - Prepared Americans for a Strong America (Amazon link)
  2. How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It (Amazon link)
  3. Get Prepared Now! (Amazon link)
My Favorite Gardening Books:
  1. Sunset Vegetable Gardening Illustrated (Amazon link)
  2. Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook by Old Farmer's Almanac (Amazon link)
My Favorite News Sources:
(Chief concern is for real journalism, avoid woke leftist propaganda)
  1. Epoch Times (link) - Best real journalism today. I'm a paying subscriber.
  2. American Military News (link) - good for military, foreign affairs, war news
  3. RT (link) - not woke/leftist, but beware of bias towards Russia; gives an interesting perspective we normally don't get in the West
My Favorite Independent Journalists
(Chief concern is for real journalism, avoid wokeness or leftist propaganda)
  1. Lou Dobbs - links: WebsiteX/Twitter
  2. Tucker Carlson - links: Website, X/Twitter 
  3. Michael Yon - links: Website, X/Twitter
  4. Leo Hohmann - links: Website, X/Twitter 
  5. Sharyl Attkisson - links: Website X/Twitter
My Favorite Link Aggregates:
  1. NormalAmerican.com (link) - Feeds for over 200 websites, blogs, podcasts & video channels featuring conservative & alternative news, analysis & political commentary, as well as preparedness & survival info.
  2. WhatfingerNews (link
  3. PrepperWebsite (link
My Favorite Survival-Type Video Channels:
  1. Viking Preparedness (Joe Fox) - YouTube, Patreon
  2. Bear Independent - YouTube, Patreon
  3. SouthernPrepper1 - YouTube
  4. Survival Lily - YouTube
What do you think of this Favorites post? Would you like to see more like this? What favorites of mine would you like to know about? Leave your comments in the comments section below. 

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