Friday, November 22, 2019

Gear Review: GorillaDrive USB Flash Drives

By Timothy Gamble carry a USB flash drive on  key ring. It is a GorillaDrive, and has proven extremely rugged - true "hard use gear," in my opinion. I actually have several. In addition to the one on my keychain, I also have two in my bug-out bag with important documents and information stored on them, as well as a few others. I will explain exactly why I really like my GorillaDrives later in this review, but first let me describe how I use them.

The GorillaDrive on my keychain is my everyday workhorse flash drive. I keep a backup copy of my important personal papers and pictures on it, along with lists of family & friends with their contact and other information, maps & driving directions to assorted destinations I may need, music files (you gotta have some fun), and various videos and .pdf files relating to survival and prepping, as well as my work related files. I encrypt private and sensitive information with 7-Zip archive software (here's how), available for free on the Major Geeks website. Since it is on my keychain, it goes wherever I go.

The two GorillaDrives I keep in my bug out bag contain a backup of the files on my laptop's hard drive, which I update monthly. That way, if I ever have to bug out without my laptop, or if my laptop dies, I've still got all my files. And I have a few others I use
with video and music files for the TV. I have never had a problem with any of my GorillaDrives.

Why I Really Like My GorillaDrives

One word: rugged. Two words: extremely rugged.

I've had a GorillaDrive on my keychain for more than six years now. Between school and work, it has been used daily, often multiple times each day, during those six years. I've dropped it countless times, onto carpet, hardwood flooring, tile, cement, dirt, gravel, and even asphalt parking lots. I've carried it in freezing weather, rainy weather, and very hot weather. I even left it outside overnight once (by mistake) when the temperature was in the mid 20s. Despite frequent and hard use, my GorillaDrive has never failed, nor has even a single file been lost or corrupted. You can't get more reliable than that!

The GorillaDrive is especially designed for hard use - they call it "ruggedized for extreme durability." It is made from a special TPU compound with a metal loop, and is designed to be pressure/impact resistant (up to 250 psi), heat resistant (up to 225 degrees F), and water resistant (up to 65 feet). Although they list freeze resistance at 32 degrees F, mine did survive outside overnight in below freezing weather (mid 20s, as I said earlier), and I've carried it in even colder weather. And it lasts (again, for more than six years and counting).

GorillaDrives are available on Amazon in various GB sizes. Just click here to go to their product page on Amazon.


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