Tuesday, October 13, 2020

How to Survive the Emerging Dystopia - Seven Steps

By Timothy Gamble 

Many people talk (justifiably) about how bad the year 2020 is. But 2021 may well be a worse year, no matter who wins the election. The problems of 2020 will not magically disappear once Trump wins the election. Nor will the problems of 2020 magically disappear if the Left manages to steal the election. 

In fact, both scenarios probably mean things will get worse. If Trump wins, our enemies - be they China, George Soros, Western Elites, the Deep State, Big Tech, the Democrats, the Left, the mainstream media, BLM, Antifa, and so forth - will only be enraged, and their behavior will worsen. And don't forget, even if Trump wins, the Left will still control many states and large cities, as well as the news media and Big Tech. 

If Trump loses,  those same enemies will only be emboldened, their behavior having been rewarded. And a Biden administration will let them run havoc against Trump supporters, traditional Christians, conservatives, and whoever else they want to get revenge against. 

And separate from politics, we still have numerous problems, ranging from a massive and quickly growing deficit to the challenges posed by the rise of technology and artificial intelligence changing the world. 

Our future is growing increasing dystopian, and the election will not stop it. The question becomes, how can we survive the emerging Dystopia?

THE Foundation

The single most important thing you can do is to "get right" with God. I won't try to convince you, but I will tell you what I get out of it (in addition to my salvation!). Being in relationship with God gives me peace, calmness, comfort, joy. strength, courage, and it helps focus my priorities. All good things when going through bad times!

Seven Steps to Survive the Emerging Dystopia

1 - Improve your health and fitness. Being sick doesn't just feel bad, it is expensive! In our emerging Dystopian world, healthcare will only get more expensive, more rationed, and more intrusive to our private lives. Don't forget, the Left wanted to use Obamacare to force doctors to ask about and report on the presence of guns in their patients homes. Expect more of this from the Left in the future. 

A top priority for you and your family should be improving and maintaining your good health. The less you need the healthcare system, the better off you will be. 

Stop smoking and abusing drugs or alcohol. Get adequate sleep on a consistent basis. Eat healthy. Eat less sugar (a lot less). Build your strength & endurance. Be physically active every day (walking, hiking, gardening, yard-work, biking, swimming, tennis, yoga, and exercise videos are just a few ideas). Take care of any issues with your health, teeth or vision, sooner rather than later. 

2- Pay attention to the world around you. Be alert. Practice Situational Awareness. Also, go beyond just paying attention to you immediate surroundings, and to the larger context in which we live out lives (Sociopolitical Awareness). Pay attention to the news - locally, nationally, and internationally. Watch for developing trends, and for possible unexpected/unintended consequences. Get a good AM/FM/NOAA weather radio (here is a good one available on Amazon) with multiple power options so you can listen even when the power is out.

3- Pay off debt and establish an emergency fund. Personal finances is one of the most overlooked areas of preparedness, in my opinion. Probably because it is so difficult to do. And it often involves sacrifice on our part, which modern folks don't like to do.  Please read my article, Foundational Advice: Eliminate Debt and Build Savings, for more information on the importance of doing this, and for suggestions on how to do accomplish this difficult task. 

4- Take Personal and Home Security very seriously. As anger and violence grows, and police departments get defunded, our dystopian world will become very dangerous. And justice will be decided by political correctness, not traditional notions of right and wrong. 

Harden your home by installing security doors and deadbolt locks, improving outdoor lighting, using security cameras (here's a good four-camera system with DVR recorder for under $200 on Amazon), and so forth. Take a self-defense course. Have your family take a self-defense course. Buy a gun and learn how to use it safely and effectively. New to guns? Check out The Gun Guide for People Who Know Nothing About Firearms or The Total Gun Manual.

Talk over with your family ideas about staying safe when away from home, including shopping in groups, parking in well-light, highly-visible locations, avoiding dangerous areas of town, letting people know where you are going and when to expect you back, and paying attention to your surroundings. 

5 - Be employable in the new economy.  Technology is already disrupting the traditional job market. Its not just blue-collar jobs falling to robots. It is also white-collar jobs falling to artificial intelligence. Even if your job doesn't get eliminated, it will most likely change radically in the next five years. Adaptability, networking, and skills will be the way to survive.  Computer skills, coding, and electronics will be extremely important, but so will other skills. 

Take some classes at a local community college. Improve your computer skills. Learn coding. Take a marketing and/or public relations class (surprisingly useful to most jobs/careers). Learn to sell (read the book SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham - considered a business classic). Learn bookkeeping & accounting. Learn Spanish for the workplace. Consider learning a trade (electrician, plumber, welder, HVAC repair, small engine repair, etc.). Electronics repair will be a career in demand. The more you know, the more employable you will be. 

6 - Take basic precautions.  Have a good first aid kit at home (and one in the car). Take a first aid & CPR course. Have smoke & CO2 detectors in your home (check the batteries). Have (and learn to use) a fire extinguisher. Do a home safety inspection (if you know a boy or girl scout, they have to learn to do these for various merit badges). Have a good flashlight (or several) at home. Keep your cell phone fully charged at all times.

Stock up on food, water, cleaning & hygiene supplies, first aid supplies, medicine & medical supplies, batteries, ammunition, sturdy clothes & shoes, and other supplies. Don't get overwhelmed by trying to do it all at once. Aim for two weeks worth of food and water. Then build it up to a month's worth. Then two months worth, and so forth.

In your car, have a first aid kit, flashlight, and jumper cables. Make sure your spare is in good condition, and that all drivers in your family know how to change a tire. Keep your gas tank full. Keep up with basic maintenance, such as oil changes, brake jobs, tires in good shapes, headlights and taillights working. In winter, keep a blanket or extra jacket and gloves in your vehicle, just in case.

For my basic recommendations on preparedness, see my articles 
A quick, no frills, down & dirty guide to preparing for the End and My NEW Recommendations for Preparedness and Survival

7 - Build Long Term Self-Reliance. In the long-term you need to get out of the worldly system of dependence and learn how to do things for yourself - car and home repairs, sewing, gardening, home canning, and so-forth. Develop your DIY skills. Learn how to raise food. Develop homesteading skills. Accumulate a good tool kit. But, mostly, it means to develop an attitude of taking care of yourself and your family, instead of waiting around for others or the government to take care of you.

Remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? Remember all those people standing around in knee-deep water waiting for the government or someone else to help them? That is called "learned helplessness." Don't be like them.


Shooter's Bible Guide to Home Defense: A Comprehensive Handbook on How to Protect Your Property from Intrusion and Invasion 


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