Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Buy firearms now for your children and grandchildren, before it is too late.

 By Timothy Gamble

The gun-grabbers are never giving up, and with the election fast approaching, we may get a President very hostile to the Second Amendment. And a Biden victory will probably also mean the Senate goes Democrat, opening the way for a packing of the Supreme Court with Liberals. Even without adding brand new Justices, the next President may get to replace two Conservative Justices, as both Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito are in their 70s. Even if Amy Barrett gets confirmed, the Court could quickly swing Far Left. The next four years could mean the final end to the Second Amendment and gun rights in America, if the Left gets there way.

"But Trump will win the election," you say. Maybe, but there is no guarantee. Remember, Trump not only has to win an honest election, but he also has to prevent the Dems, the Deep State, Big Tech, and the Mainstream Media from stealing the election. And they seem determined to do so. 

My suggestion: If you can, buy firearms now for your children and grandchildren. 

When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me my first shotgun, a .410, for Christmas. A few years later, he gave me my first rifle, a .22, as a birthday gift. I have many fond memories of going hunting as a kid with both of my grandfathers.  

If you are thinking of doing something similar for your children or grandchildren, go ahead and do so now while you still can. The Elites haven't given up on gun control, and are getting sneakier by the day in how they are trying to get our guns. And, as I've already spoken of, a lot hinges on this election, which could go either way.

Even if your kids or grand kids are too young, go ahead and buy the guns now, so that you can give the guns to them when they are old enough. Of course, obey all guns laws, and make sure you instruct them in gun safety!  (Check out the book "Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children's Book About Gun Safety" by Julie Golob, for young kids. For older kids, their are NRA programs and various safety courses. Ask at your local gun store.)


Available on AmazonAd:  The Gun Guide For People Who Know Nothing About Firearms, by Steven Gregersen. This book is a short, easy read for folks completely new to guns. It covers most of the basics in an understandable way. The graphics aren't flashy, but the many diagrams and illustrations get the point across. Solid information, but not advanced. Experienced gun owners probably already know most of this stuff. Newbies shouldn't expect to become an expert after reading this book, but it is a great starting point for their education.


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