Wednesday, November 17, 2021

First Edition (1911) of the Boy Scouts Handbook

This high-quality reprint of the first edition (1911) of the Boy Scouts Handbook would make a great gift for any current or former scout of any age, as well as any boy, young man, outdoorsman, or survivalist. Only $8.68 at the moment. 

I have a copy, and it is really, really nice. And choke full of good information from an era before political correctness, LGBT agendas, and Critical Race Theory!

It is also worth noting that they included the original ads found in the back of the 1911 edition. It is interesting to see the ads on things such as pocket knives (50¢ and $1), scout shoes, axes, first aid kits, and even .22 rifles. An incredible piece of Americana. 

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