Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Survivalist's Stockpile: Matches and Lighters

By Tim Gamble

The Survivalist's Stockpile is an occasional feature on the Dystopian Survival website. Each article highlights items preppers and survivalists might want to include in their stockpile of supplies. In this edition, we will highlight Lighters. 

Matches and Lighters

Our ability to make and use fire is what separates us from the animals. Well, one of the things anyway. It is important to know how to make a fire with alternative methods, such as ferro rods or bow drills. But honestly, those methods are difficult, time consuming, and not always reliable if the weather isn't fully cooperating (rain, wind). Matches and lighters on the other hand are easy, quick, and usually reliable under all but the most extreme conditions. 

They are also easy to carry, most being small enough to easily carry in a pocket. In fact, most experienced survivalists carry a lighter in their pocket as part of their regular EDC, even if they are experts on making bow drill fires Because easier, quicker, more reliable.... 

The classic Bic-style lighters are highly affordable right now (but inflation will cause the prices to rise, as with everything else), so it is worth it to buy a bunch to stick back. They do store really well. I recently opened a pack of five lighters I had purchased in 2009 and threw in a drawer. None of the five lighters had dried up (which some people worry about). After 12 years, all still had at least 75% of their fluid. 

Matches are another good option, although they can be a bit bulkier than a lighter. Storm-proof matches, designed to still be useful even in rain (hence the name), are a good choice to throw in your bug-out bag, survival kit, and glove compartment of your vehicles. 


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