Tuesday, May 17, 2022

I'm Back, and a Few Quick Notes

By Tim Gamble

I am back after taking three weeks off from my Internet activities. I needed the break, and I needed to get some things done with my own personal preparations for what is to come. 

I will not tell you everything I have been doing (because, OPSEC), but I will let you know that many of my preparations revolve around gardening and stockpiling. I have been busy planting my largest vegetable garden ever (both in terms of square footage and types of crops), as well as expanding my culinary and medicinal herb garden. I'll talk about my stockpiling activities in one of the notes below.

>>> The more closely I pay attention to what is going own in the world, the more I realize just haw bad things already are, and how bad they are likely to get. Over the next few years, the world is going to drastically change, and not for the better. And not just in the ways you might expect. Most people will be truly shocked by what is coming. Prepare now for worst case scenarios. I know this sounds like "doomer porn", but it is honestly where I am at right now in my thinking. 

>>> The worse things get, and so obviously worse, the more some people are waking up, but many others are slipping into complete denial. Even to the point of hysterical anger in response to bad news or suggestions that we need to do something to get ready. A number of prepper and homesteader folks I know who have video channels are reporting a sharp increase in hateful, angry, and even threatening comments on their videos. Sadly for those  folks making the comments, denial won't stop reality.

>>>  I am continuing to stock up food, particularly canned meats (should last many years), but I am paying special attention to stocking up on tools, parts and materials to do repairs around my home and property, my vehicles, and so forth. Screws. Nails. Nuts and bolts. Duct tape, gorilla tape, and flex tape. Tarps. Various clamps. Oil and oil filters for the next three oil changes on both my vehicles. Two sets of wiper blades for both vehicles. Sewing supplies. Mouse traps and poison. Roach traps and poison. Anything that will enable me to repair and reuse my stuff for as long as possible. 


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