Sunday, May 29, 2022

The shelves are full! Prices are coming back down! -- NOT!!!

By Tim Gamble

The store shelves are full! Prices are coming back down! The supply chain crisis is over! And, really, it was never as bad as some people claimed....

At least that was the point being made by one middle-aged white guy in a You Tube video he posted a couple of weeks ago. He even showed some video of shelves at his local big-box store to "prove" his claims. Yes, the shelves he showed had merchandise on them. However, he obviously was being selective about which shelves he showed in his video. All he really proved was that he is in a serious state of denial.

 I don't know the guy's name and had never seen his video channel before, but he seemed like an ordinary blue jeans and t-shirt guy. He even had the scraggly beard like so many of us ordinary middle-aged guys have these days. The point of his video seemed to be to encourage folks to "not waste their money" preparing for a crisis that is basically over, and to not "fall for the doom-and-gloom" being spread by some. 

Sadly, many people seem to be in a similar state of denial. Several of the homesteading and preparedness channels I watch have talked about a sharp increase in the number of negative comments they get on videos in recent weeks. Some folks aren't just trying to deny that things are getting worse - therefore to deny the need to prepare - but are getting downright angry and hateful in how they are doing so. A few have even started making violent threats against those of us warning others to prepare for what is coming. 

It is one thing to disagree with someone. We are all entitled to our own opinion. But is is something else altogether to disagree with such anger and vitriol that you make threats of physical harm towards those you disagree with, and towards their families. What is going on?

I think the answer is fear and desperation. These people know what is going on even if they won't admit it. They can see the prices they pay at the store and at the pump. They see the gaps in store shelves and know that many items becoming harder and harder to get. They hear the growing number of people warning about what is coming. It is no longer just the prepper kooks and right-wing nutjobs saying these things, but also many government officials, business leaders, and other "experts" now sounding the warning bells. 

Deep down these people in denial know the truth. And they know they haven't prepared. And they know it is almost too late. And they don't know what to do. So they are scared, and they are lashing out at others. But denial always loses out to the facts. Denial will not stop what is coming. Denial will not help anyone survive. 

You know what is going on in the world. You can see and think for yourself.  Tune out the deniers and keep preparing. 


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