Thursday, June 23, 2022

Improve your health and fitness

By Tim Gamble

Being sick doesn't just feel bad, it is expensive! In our emerging Dystopian World, healthcare will only get more expensive, more rationed, and more intrusive to our private lives. The technocrats plan to use healthcare to control the general population. Don't forget, the Left wanted to use Obamacare to force doctors to ask about and report on the presence of guns in their patients homes. More recently, we have seen the Left push vaccine mandates, even to the point they are willing to deny life-saving healthcare to the unvaccinated. Vaccine passports, not only for travel but even to enter your local stores and other businesses, still loom as a possibility as many on the Left have not given up on the idea. And it won't just be Covid-19 vaccines that will be required, but many others, too. Expect even more of this healthcare tyranny from the Left in the future. 

A top priority for you and your family should be improving and maintaining your good health and fitness. The less you need the healthcare system, the better off you will be. This should be one of your top priorities as you prepare for the future. 

You probably already know the basics of what you should be doing: Stop smoking and abusing drugs or alcohol. Get adequate sleep on a consistent basis. Eat healthy. Eat less sugar (a lot less!). Build your strength & endurance. Be physically active every day (walking, hiking, gardening, yardwork, biking, swimming, tennis, yoga, and exercise videos are just a few ideas). Take care of any issues with your health, teeth or vision, sooner rather than later. 

My number one tip to improve your health and fitness is to Find external motivation. Don't try to improve your health and fitness for yourself. It is easy to make and accept excuses when its only about you. Make your motivation external instead - for your wife, your husband, your kids, your grandkids, or whoever. 

For example: Instead of quitting smoking so you can live longer, make it "I'm quitting smoking so I can live long enough to see my grandkids graduate college."  Instead of getting fit so you'll feel better and have more energy, make it "I'm getting fit so I can better protect my wife and kids." It is harder to make excuses when you are doing it for your loved ones. 

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  1. "Stop smoking and abusing alcohol or other drugs." FIFY ;-)


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