Saturday, December 7, 2019

Knife Review: Kershaw Lifter Folding Knife

By Timothy Gamble
I purchased my Kershaw Lifter Folding Knife in 2014 I've used it often ever since. For a relatively inexpensive folder (current Amazon price $16.67), it is an excellent knife. I really like the way it looks, feels, and handles. It is sharp enough out-of-the-box, and has held its edge well. I've been using it for several years now, and it has proven to be very durable. I am quite happy with it. 

The Kershaw Lifter checks in at 4.5 inches, closed. The cutting edge of the blade is 3.25 inches, and the overall length is just over 7.75 inches. Made entirely of 4Cr14 steel, it weighs 5.7 ounces. The steel has a black-oxide finish, which not only looks good, in my opinion, but also offers some protection against rust (none on mine, so far, despite everyday use in all weather conditions). The Lifter also has a true deep-carry clip (single position).

One feature I really like is its flipper (that protrusion on the back of the blade) with SpeedSafe assist. That means it can be opened easily and quickly with only one hand. It was a little tight when I first started using it, but became easier after being opened a dozen times or so. However, it does not open too easily (in other words, it won't accidentally fall open in your pocket).

The fame-lock blade is a modified tanto design. It has a tanto point with a slightly recurved cutting edge. Recurved blades have a deeper "bite," making it a good self-defense weapon when used with a slashing motion. (Luckily, I've never had the opportunity to test this out.)
  Please Note: This is a redesign of an older, discontinued, model also called the "Lifter." The specs and pictures listed on Amazon may be for the old design. The pictures and specs in this article are for the  new model which I have, and matches what Kershaw has listed on its website. Have no fear, if you order through Amazon, as I did, you will receive the new design as featured here (the old design is no longer available).  
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