Saturday, January 18, 2020

Reclaiming Masculinity - Teach Your Sons

By Timothy Gamble

There is a crisis in America and the West today, and it has nothing to do with so-called "toxic masculinity" - a fake, misleading term that actually describes the lack of traditional masculinity in most men these days. This lack of masculinity has lead to the breakdown in marriage and family, leading to many of modern society's problems. A reclaiming of traditional masculinity is needed to successfully address those problems. But how do we reclaim traditional masculinity? 

First, we must stop treating masculinity as bad. The ideal of masculinity used to be one of faith, courage, strength, integrity, leadership, responsibility, discipline, and self-reliance. That ideal has been dismissed, ridiculed, and actively discouraged for generations now, mocked as somehow "toxic." Today, boys are treated as broken girls, needing to be cured of their natural masculinity. This must stop. We must once again embrace and teach to our boys (and ourselves, frankly) the very positive aspects of traditional masculinity. In this article, I want to suggest one resource that may help.
The Daniel Boone television series from the late 1950s and early 1960s, starring Fess Parker, is a fantastic resource for learning about positive traditional masculinity.  Not the weak, selfish, bumbling mockery of manhood typically depicted on TV today, Daniel Boone is portrayed as a real American hero, and a man of faith, courage, and integrity. Steadfast in his love for his wife and son, Boone is looked up to as a protector, provider, and leader of both his family and his community.  He is definitely shown as being a man strong of character, will, and determination, who doesn't give up or run away when the going gets tough.  

Not only is Daniel Boone a good role model of real masculinity, but there are many moments in the series in which Boone teaches his son, Israel, various life lessons as he guides him towards manhood. Throughout the series, Boone faces many challenges and dilemmas, which he overcomes with faith, wisdom, hard work, and strength, without compromising his values and beliefs. These situations provide excellent opportunities for men to engage in discussions with their sons. current television, there is no political correctness or leftist ideology marring Daniel Boone. Guns are shown in a positive light - as tools of protection and provision. There are no sex scenes and no mocking of Christianity or traditional values. Also, there are no LGBT characters or agenda, unlike most current shows and movies. I suggest all Fathers watch this series with their sons. (And, yes, Mothers and daughters can watch this, too, so no fake outrage please.) The Inspiration Network (INSP) airs the series a couple of times a week, usually in the very early morning hours (2 or 3 am) on Sunday, so check your local times and set your DVR. The entire series is also available on DVD from Amazon.

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