Monday, March 13, 2023

Banking Crisis? Don't Panic!

By Tim Gamble 
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By now everyone should know about the collapse and takeover of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank of New York, as well as problems with several other banks. News outlets, as well as prepper and homesteading outlets, have been breathlessly screaming about this "banking crisis" for days now. I'm going to take a different tack to this situation: Don't Panic! Here are two reasons why you shouldn't.

Banks Fail All The Time

Did you know that since 2001, over 550 banks have failed in the United States? That is not a typo. Over 550. Somehow, we have survived. It is true that most of them were smaller than SVB and Signature Bank. But there have been a few bigger banks that have failed. And we survived. This is not the end of the world, or even the end of the US banking system. Those claiming otherwise are either getting caught up in the hype, or actually trying to create the hype themselves to boost their viewership. Negative headlines get attention. 

You Are Already Doing The Things

You are already doing the things you need to do to survive any economic problems, including a full-blown collapse if and when that ever happens. As preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders, you have been taking the steps you need to take to survive financial problems. Trust in your preparations. Readers of Dystopian Survival especially are ready, because I have been harping on financial preparedness for years. I've published many articles on personal money management, and made many recommendations, including:
  • Living within your means
  • Reducing your expenses
  • Having a budget
  • Avoiding debt
  • Getting out of debt if you have any
  • Monitoring the health of your bank and other financial institutions
  • Having an emergency fund
  • Having cash on hand, in a safe & hidden place
  • Having junk silver, or other means of barter
  • Stocking up on food and other supplies to ride out a crisis
If you have been following my recommendations, you are ready to ride out any financial disruptions that may occur. If a full-blown financial collapse occurs, and I don't think the current problems will trigger a full collapse, it won't be easy for anyone, but you will be more prepared for it than 95% of other folks. So, there is no need to panic. 

What If I Actually Haven't Prepared?

Some folks may have only recently discovered Dystopian Survival, so you haven't had time to put my recommendations into place yet. I am also aware that preparedness for many is little more than a hobby, and although you have been reading about it for years, you haven't done a lot to actually prepare, beyond buying a few neat pieces of gear and maybe a little extra food. You certainly haven't done much by way of financial preparedness since it is so boring and requires some degree of discipline and self sacrifice. That's actually okay. Use this current situation as motivation to really get started in earnest on all your preparedness, especially your financial preparedness.  

Be motivated to do the things you need to do, from this moment onward. What things? Well, earlier in this very article, I gave a brief list of my recommendations. Start there. Need more details? I have lots and lots of articles on money management and financial preparedness throughout this website. Take, for example, this article: The NEW Financial Tips for Preppers and Survivalists. Or this article: Financial Preparedness: Back to the Basics. Or this article: Foundational Advice: Eliminate Debt and Build Savings. Or this article: Prepper's Guide to Junk Silver. Or look through the archives section of this website for other articles that may interest you. 

A Final Word

Many folks are talking about this being a planned collapse by the WEF and global elites. It isn't. There are several things about the timing, sequence of events, and response to these bank failures that would be different if it was part of the planned collapse (the Great Reset). This tells me that this is a true Black Swan event, not a preplanned False Flag event. Still, use this situation as reason and motivation to prepare for a real preplanned collapse, which is almost certainly coming at some point, in my opinion. 
Ad: Survivalist Family: Prepared Americans for a Strong America, by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness), is a great guide to beginner and intermediate preparedness and survival for both short-term disasters and long-term emergencies. Highly recommended!!!  

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