Thursday, March 23, 2023

Confidence Comes From Competence

By Tim Gamble

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Thought of the Day: Confidence Comes From Competence

It happens all the time. People not doing what they want to do, or even worse, not doing what they know they should do, because they simply lack confidence. When it comes to the prepper and survivalist world, this lack of confidence may surface in various ways:
  • The man who knows it would be safer for his family to move out of their mega city to a small town, but he doesn't because he doubts he can find a good job there.
  • The woman who wants to quit her job to homeschool her children full time, but she doesn't because "what if I'm not a good teacher" or "what if we can't make it on just my husbands salary/"
  • The couple who know they should get rid of their credit cards and pay off their debt, but worry that they may "need" their credit cards in a future emergency.
  • The man who wants to learn to do his own car maintenance and repairs, but worries he will "screw it up" somehow.
  • The woman who wants to learn canning, but is worried that she'll make her family sick if she makes a mistake, so she doesn't even try.
  • The couple who want to become homesteaders, who don't because "we just don't know where to start."
I've heard all these excuses and more, many times over in my 20+ years in the prepper community. All these excuses come down to a simple lack of confidence. What if I can't? What if I screw up? What if I fail? 

The cure for any lack of confidence is competence. Competence comes from knowledge combined with experience. The more you learn, and especially the more you do, the more competence you will develop. The more competence you develop, the more confidence you will gain. Learn and do, and your confidence will soar.
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