Friday, March 3, 2023


By Tim Gamble (find me on Twitter, on Gab, and please Subscribe by Email)

Here in my area (small town in western NC), eggs were scarce and expensive just a few weeks ago. A dozen of the cheapest white eggs cost upwards of $5 a dozen at all the stores. And that was if you could find them at all, as my local grocery stores, as well as Walmart, were routinely running out of eggs entirely.

Over the last two weeks, this situation has changed. Most stores around here have dropped the price of eggs to around $3.28 to $3.78 a dozen, with my Ingles grocery store actually having their store brand eggs for $2.78 a dozen this week! And there seems to be plenty of eggs now, as all the stores' cases seem full once again.  

I am wondering if this holds true in other areas of the country. Are eggs prices coming down in your area? If so, how much? And are your stores still experiencing an egg shortage, or do they seem to have plenty now? Drop comments in the comments section below (be sure to let us know what state you're in, but don't give your actual city/town name).
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