Friday, March 1, 2024

Is Russia Mobilizing School Children? Civil Defense Training!

By Tim Gamble

Just a quick note to make my fellow Dystopians aware of this video recently posted by Survival Russia on his YouTube channel. File it with the Civil Defense series I did back in August of last year. Here are the relevant links:

Is Russia Mobilizing In Schools? Featuring: Mrs. Survival-Russia (Link to video on YouTube)

Link to my article "Civil Defense in Russia" (other articles in the Civil Defense series can also be found in the August 2023 archives on Dystopian Survival) 

AD:  Total Resistance - The classic study on resistance & underground operations, by Swiss Major H. von Dach. Recommended by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). 

AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) - Another great resource for resistance & underground operations. Recommended by both Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness) and Bear of Bear Independent. 

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