Friday, March 1, 2024

Presidential Election Year Survival!

By Tim Gamble

2024 is a Presidential Election Year. Cue the craziness, chaos, and civil unrest! Over on my resistance website,, I posted a number of articles in February addressing how to prepare for and survive the political chaos that will likely occur this year. In the coming weeks, I will cross-post many of those articles on Dystopian Survival. If you want to get a jump on reading those articles, here is a list of links. Just click the headline to read the article.
AD:  Augason Farms Long-Term Food Storage - This is where I get powdered butter, eggs, cheese, milk, and other long-term foods for my Survival Pantry. Shelf-life up to 20+ years. Good quality, good taste, good value. For my money (literally, since I am a paying customer), Augason Farms is the best long-term foods option. 

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