Sunday, March 31, 2024

Four Strategies To Survive a Riot

By Tim Gamble
  1. Avoid the Riot - Seems oblivious that the best way to survive a riot is to not be in or near one. Areas likely to experience rioting and looting are large cities and urban areas, in particular inner city areas and near "bad" neighborhoods, or near university and college campuses. Areas much less likely to experience riots include small towns and rural areas. 
  2. Move Away from the Riot - If a riot breaks out near you, leave the area immediately. If you are at work or university, go home. If your boss doesn't like it, tell him to kiss your a**. That job isn't worth your life. If the riot breaks out near your home, bug out immediately (could be time to visit Grandma in the country for a few days). You should already be packed, have a plan of where to go, and a full tank of gas to get you there. 
  3. Hide/Shelter In-Place - You waited too long, hoping the riot wouldn't come near you. Foolish, but okay. It happens. Your best bet may be to hide and shelter in place. You should always have some water, some food (power bars, etc.), a flashlight, a fully-charged phone, a battery-powered radio. and a first aid kit including tourniquet with you (and know how to use them). Stay alert, and be ready to run if needed. 
  4. Self-Defense - Self-defense is always a last resort. It means you have failed to avoid the situation. It means you may have to take a life. It definitely means your life is in grave danger. And in a riot situation, you will almost certainly be greatly outnumbered. Not a good situation to be in. You are armed and well-trained, right? 
Note: This is why it is important to be armed and well-trained. Well-trained means more than just target practice - you need to take a good defensive shooting course (or several).  So, if it is legal to carry where you are, please seriously consider doing so. Know and obey the laws, get all the proper licenses and permits, get well-trained, and practice gun safety, of course. But carry if you can.

Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio. This one has is all: AM/FM/SW/NOAA (weather alert) bands; powered five ways (electrical cord, USB port, AA batteries, solar, and hand-crank); plus flashlight, reading lamp, and cellphone charger.

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