Friday, March 8, 2024

Protecting Your Family From Government Authorities

By Tim Gamble 

This is a follow-up article to my previous article Protecting Your Family From the State and Society.

A big problem and growing problem in our dystopian world is government intrusiveness (as well as that of schools, companies, landlords, homeowners associations, and other "authorities"). 

No person or government has the moral right to tell you how to live your life, express your beliefs, or raise your children. No person or government has a moral right to prevent you from being self-reliant, practicing self-defense, or being prepared for an emergency. No person or government has the moral right to control your body against your will. However, many politicians, bureaucrats, and other busybodies think and act as if they have that right, and they are increasingly giving themselves the legal ability to do so. 

Know Your "Lines In The Sand"

Choose your battles wisely. Don't make everything a contest of wills between you and the authorities. They have rigged the game in their favor. Figure out ahead of time what is worth fighting over, and what isn't. 

Your employer tells you you MUST get the vaccine. Your kid's school says that all students MUST get the vaccine. Is that your line in the sand? Will you actually quit and find another job, or will you knuckle under?  Will you pull your kids out of that school (options include private school, home school, or move to a new district), or will you knuckle under?

What if you discover your kid's new teacher, Mr. Smith, is a trans activist who wears makeup and high heels in the classroom? Will that be your line in the sand? 

What if your state passes new, very restrictive gun control measures which would require that you turn in several of your guns? Will that be your line in the sand? Will you hire a lawyer to fight it? Will you refuse to comply? Will you finally move to a second amendment state?  What will you do when law enforcement shows up to take your guns? 

What if when they roll out the next pandemic, they order churches to close down again? Will you comply? What if the church you currently attend complies? 

The point is to think through the multitude of various What Ifs we may face, and decide now where your lines in the sand are, and how you will respond. This will help you act rationally and calmly, rather than emotionally. 

You will have to be clever to work around the impediments the authorities place in your way. Although I would never suggest anyone do anything illegal, there is a saying "Its easier to get forgiveness than permission." You have to obey the laws and rules whenever possible, but you don't have to sacrifice yourself or your family to those laws and rules. You have to decide where the lines are for yourself and your family.

Keep Careful and Detailed Records

Whenever dealing with anyone in authority - law enforcement, landlords, employers, bureaucrats, teachers or school administrators, your HOA, etc. - always keep careful records. Note details of exactly when and to whom you spoke, what was said, what the outcome was, and other details. Note any expected follow-ups by either party. Always save copies of any paperwork involved. Take photos of the situation if applicable. This level of detailed record keeping will help discourage any "misunderstandings."

Be Polite, But Firm 

When dealing with authorities, always be calm and polite, but firm. Losing your cool or getting emotional won't help the situation, and likely will make things worse. It is a good thing to be very firm and clear in your communications, but never use obscenities, vulgarities, or slurs. You can raise your voice slightly for emphasis, but never yell or shout at them. Smile. Even if they stoop to insults or threats, don't sink to their level. Again, remain clam and polite, but firm. 

Never, Ever, Make A Threat 

Making a threat against an authority, even in the heat of the moment, is never a good idea. Authorities take threats very seriously, and they have given themselves special protections against threats that us ordinary folks don't have. Remember, the system is rigged in their favor. 

This means never threatening an authority in person, or on social media. Think before you post! 

Where You Live Matters

Let me politely suggest this, even though this bit of advice upsets some people: If you find where you live too restrictive and controlled, consider moving elsewhere. You don't have to move to the deep country if you don't want, but perhaps you can find a less restrictive city or even a small town to your liking. Or maybe you just need to move out of your current neighborhood with the overbearing home owners association and into a neighborhood without one. 

As a general rule of thumb, red states (conservative) tend to be less controlling and restrictive than blue states (liberal). Small towns tend to be less controlling than 
big cities. 
And home owners' associations are the worst, with petty egotistical tyrants controlling everything.     

Generally speaking, the more rural an area is the freer it is. One practical reason is local governments, law enforcement, and schools simply don't have the money to push for too much control and ideological BS. This is a major advantage to living in "poorer" areas. 

Another reason is that the people in authority in small towns and rural areas are literally closer to the regular folks. In the Big City, the mayor lives in a gated mansion surrounded by security personnel. In a small town in the country, the mayor lives just up the street from you and shops at the same Walmart you do. This makes a huge difference. 
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1 comment:

  1. Threats......never made one......Promises.......Always.
    I pretty much ignored anything the Government said to do during the Scamdemic. I never closed my Mom & Pop Shop. I never wore a Face Diaper. I didn't do the Social Distancing BS and I damn sure didn't get the "Vaccine".
    When dealing with Government idiots, I usually start off polite but end up yelling at them and they leave crying. I don't mind going down to their level. I was in the Navy.....I can't get down to Bilge Tank level and be comfortable (LOL). Remember, they don't give a crap about you and you shouldn't give a crap about them.
    If you live in a HOA,'re an idiot. MOVE.
    I live in Florida (Space Coast). I have a Conservative Governor, I have a kick ass Sheriff and I have no City government (I live in an unincorporated the boonies) but I do get to watch rocket launches.


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