Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Boots on the Ground Report From Western NC

By Tim Gamble

I occasionally post my personal "Boots on the Ground" report (hat tip to SouthernPrepper1) of what I am seeing and experiencing in my area (small town in western North Carolina). Compare this with what you are hearing from other parts of the country, and with what you are experiencing in your area. Look for and react to trends, not isolated incidences. 

What I Learned During My Hospital Stay and Since 

I recently spent 8 days in the hospital, and I am currently undergoing treatment for multiple cancers. I've spent a lot of time around medical people (doctors, nurses, technicians). Here are my observations: 

1) There is definitely a nursing shortage in my area. This was obvious by what I witnessed first-hand in the hospital, from talking to several nurses, and from "overhearing" several conversations between nurses. 

2) No one, expect for possible hospital administrators, wants to talk about the Covid vaccine. At no point in my emergency room stay, my hospital stay, or any of my appointments since, was I asked if I had the shot or if I would take the shot. I was never even offered it. I did ask one doctor about it because the discussion drifted in that direction. He noticeably didn't answer my question and quickly changed the subject. It seems that many medical folks have finally realized the dangers of the vaccine and are no longer pushing it, yet are afraid to speak out against it. 

Prices Rising Again 

From my shopping lists, I've noticed that prices are once again rising in my area. Eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cream cheese, several snack foods, sports drinks, and hamburger meat have all gone up in price in recent weeks. Not huge jumps like was happening during the height of the inflation crisis, but still enough to be noticed and it does add up. 

What's up with all the GMO in foods? 

Because of my health issues, I am once again carefully reading the labels at the grocery store (I previously did so in 2015 after being diagnosed with diabetes). I have found a lot of foods now show that they contain GMO or bio-engineered products. In others words, not real food but synthetic chemicals and other stuff created in labs. I've found many yogurts, dairy products, prepared foods, frozen entrees, even soups now are made at least partially in a lab. I find this to be a worrying situation.

AD:  Augason Farms Long-Term Food Storage - This is where I get powdered butter, eggs, cheese, milk, and other long-term foods for my Survival Pantry. Shelf-life up to 20+ years. Good quality, good taste, good value. For my money (literally, since I am a paying customer), Augason Farms is the best long-term foods option. 

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  1. If anyone shops at Aldis, better check the ingredients. Far too many of them contain GMOs. Breads, chips, cereals, syrups, and more. Look at the ingredients and look for "Contains Bioengineered Food Ingredients."


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