Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Never Blindly Follow Experts or Authorities

By Tim Gamble

Never blindly follow the experts or authorities. Remember the old slogan "Question Authority"? It is time to bring that slogan back. Politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, doctors, educators, business leaders, and even religious leaders, should never be considered automatically right just because they have thee mantle of being an "expert" or the label of being an "authority" Nor does having a Ph.D., a government license, or some other credential mean that they are always right.   

Experts and authorities are human, same as anyone else. They can make mistakes, same as all of us. They can be biased by their personal beliefs, values, and even fears, same as the rest of us. They may allow their personal motivations, such as career aspirations or even petty office politics, to influence their work. They are not immune to peer pressure, or to pressure from their bosses or funding sources. They are not above being influenced by money, politics, or ideology.  

They may be highly educated and knowledgeable in their particular field, but that doesn't carry over to other fields. Their knowledge is often "a mile deep but an inch wide." They naturally focus on their specialty, which limits their understanding of the larger situation. They often fail to see the big picture and miss the forest for the trees. They don't consider or even realize all the potential ramifications and unintended consequences of their "solutions." 

Learn to think for yourself, and weigh the dictates of experts and authorities for yourself before deciding to follow them or not. 
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