Monday, April 15, 2024

Health Update

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to give a quick update on my health. As I recover from my colon cancer surgery, I am doing very well and feeling good. My energy levels are way up and I seem to be healing well. My blood sugar  levels are coming back down (I am a type 2 diabetic). 

I'm still getting tests and having having various doctors' appointments and follow-ups. This week especially is heavy with appointments (6 in 5 days!), so my posting may be inconsistent or even non-existent this week. Things should return to normal next week. Thank you for your patience! 

Prayers are always appreciated!

Tim Gamble

Of all the books on diabetes I've read, the best and most useful is 60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar by Dennis Pollock. Pollock's book is an aggressive plan to control your blood sugar by bringing together the best of traditional and alternative medicine. What I appreciate about Pollock's approach is that it is based on solid science, even the "alternative" aspects, and is not some hippy-dippy book that totally rejects medical science (avoid those). Also, I found his ideas easy to follow.

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