Tuesday, November 8, 2022

My Personal "Boots on the Ground" Observations - Nov. 8

By Tim Gamble   10-8-2022

As SouthernPrepper1 continues his "Boots on the Ground" series on his You Tube channel (link: https://www.youtube.com/user/southernprepper1), I will occasionally post on this website my own personal observations of what I am seeing and experiencing in my area (small town in western North Carolina).

React To Overall Trends, Not Isolated Incidences. In reading my reports, watching SP1's reports, or making your own observations, what you are trying to identify are overall trends, not isolated incidences. There are probably 101 legitimate reasons why a particular store may be out of a particular item at any given time. But if all the stores in your area are out of that same item, and you hear of other stores around the country being out of that item, than you have identified a trend. React to trends, not incidences. 

Sam's Club - I go to the nearest Sam's Club only about once a month because it is a bit of a drive from me. I went this morning. Like last month, the store appeared well-stocked when I first walked in the door. But, same as last month, as I began to shop, I found that they were out of a lot of items on my list. The appearance of being well-stocked, I think, comes from the fact that they had a lot of Christmas season items. Also, they are obviously shifting around and spreading out stock to fill in the gaps of missing items.

Most surprisingly, that particular Sam's Club was completely out of batteries. Out of all sizes and brands. No Duracell. No Energizer. No Member's Mark. I even asked a store employee if they had moved the display. She confirmed that they were indeed out of batteries, but offered no reason as to why. 

Sam's was also out of other items on my shopping list, including my brand of laundry detergent (been buying it there for years), Duke's Mayonnaise (out for the second month in a row), and Atkin's bars. They were out of the nine-packs of fire logs (had two huge stacks last month), which may be a sign of worried people preparing for a tough winter. I also noticed that they were extremely low on all three brands of peanut butter that they carry.

Aldi's - I also stopped by Aldi's this morning to pick a few things up. They have rearranged their shelves, reducing by about half the shelf space for canned goods - meats, veggies, soups, etc. Instead of food items, they are using the freed-up shelf space for non-food items. 

They were out of sugar. And I noticed that the mushrooms had gone back up to $1.09 a can, after the price cut to 85¢ a few weeks ago.

Burger King - A Burger King near me is now open only for Drive-Thru. The dining room is no longer open. The reason is a lack of employees.

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