Monday, April 3, 2023

Tips To Prepare For Potential Cyberattacks

By Tim Gamble 
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The scenario: China (or Russia, or Iran, or North Korea) launches a massive cyberattack against the US and the West.

The attack is wildly successful, and the Internet and all associated technology is down for days or even weeks before it is fully restored. This includes knocking out your ability to use your smart phone and all its wonderful apps. Businesses will find it extremely difficult to maintain their just-in-time supply chains. Utilities will find it difficult to maintain their systems, and may be forced to shut down completely. Schools will be forced to close, as will many businesses. Automatic payments and automatic deposits won't be working. 

How do you prepare for this situation? 

Preparing for possible cyberattacks:
  • Keep your operating system, drivers, and software up-to-date to better protect your electronics (personal and business). 
  • Create back-up files of all your data (personal and business). Store in a safe place (and shielded if you're worried about EMP events).
  • Make sure you have hard copies of recent bank and other financial statements.
  • Keep track of your checking account on paper - don't rely solely on an app, which may not be working.
  • Make sure you have hard copies of important insurance papers, including account numbers and contact info.
  • Make sure you have hard copies of other important papers, such as deeds, titles, birth certificates, etc. 
  • Make sure you have hard copies of all your contacts, personal and business (names, addresses, phone numbers). Don't forget to update these as needed!
  • Make sure you have physical maps of your area, and also your possible bug out locations (GPS and Google Maps aren't working).
  • Make sure you have cash on hand (ATM machines, credit cards, debit cards, even paper checks may not work, and banks may not be open for business - cash may be the only way to transact business for a few hours to several weeks or more depending on the severity of the situation).
  • Make sure you have hard copies of important survival information (example: print instructions from the CDC on how to use Potassium Iodine to treat radiation sickness since you will NOT be able to look it up after a nuclear or EMP attack).
  • Have several weeks to several months worth of the stuff you need to survive (food, water, medicine, first aid, sanitation and hygiene supplies, etc.).
  • Keep your tank topped off and have extra fuel for your vehicle if you can safely store it. (Most vehicles won't work after an EMP, but most will work during a cyberattack. In both instances, you likely won't be able to buy fuel until after things start to return to normal).
  • Take personal and home security seriously.  Law enforcement's ability to respond will be compromised by the same problems everyone else is having, and they will have their hands full. Criminals will take advantage of the situation, and looting and riots may occur at some point. You will be own your own.
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