Thursday, April 27, 2023

An Idea On How To Meet Like-Minded People

By Tim Gamble

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Looking for community to ride out the end of Western Civilization with? 

Don't look for the usual suspects - folks who already consider themselves preppers, survivalists or homesteaders. Instead, look for good people who think similar to you (on religion, values, politics, culture, etc.), and are doing the things that will help them survive - gardening, fishing, hunting, shooting, hiking, camping, bee keeping, raising chickens, goats, or sheep, doing home schooling, doing home church, and so forth. 

It is not important to find "preppers" to build community and do life together. What is important is to find good people who have similar worldviews to your own, and then build relationships with them. Who cares if they call themselves preppers or not.

There are a lot of good folks out there who do prepper-like things, but don't call themselves anything special. In their eyes, they are just "regular folk." I know a lot of gardeners, hunters, DIYers, and others who have never visited a prepper forum in their life. It would never occur to them to ever go to a prepper meet-up. Yet, they would make excellent folks to do life with, both now and after the collapse.

Meet these people by doing life, not by visiting forums. Go to your local farmers' market, and meet the folks selling stuff there. Take a bee-keeping class to meet fellow bee-keepers (you don't actually have to keep bees - it could just be something you're "looking into"). Start hanging out at your local gun store to meet hunters and shooters. You have a better chance to meet people by going out in public, than by clicking away on your keyboard. 

As with any relationship, it takes time and effort to meet the right people. It takes even more time and effort to build strong relationships with the people you do meet. There will be failures along the way. That's okay. That's life. Don't be discourage. Keep trying. 

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