Monday, April 17, 2023

Real Life Security Threat at Walmart!

By Tim Gamble 
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A few days ago I went to my local Walmart. I parked as usual towards the back of one of the rows. As I was walking from my vehicle to the entrance, I passed by a man slowly pushing a buggy and looking around like he was trying to find his car. I thought to myself "Yeah, I've been there before. Where in this massive parking lot did I park?

When I got up to the store entrance, I realized I left my reading glasses in my vehicle. I turned around to go back to my vehicle. As I was walking back, I noticed the man I passed earlier. He was still walking around slowly as if looking for his car. But this time I was paying more attention. I first noticed that he only has one bag in his buggy. Why push a buggy with only one bag in it? It would be easier for him to just carry the bag.

I also noticed that he was slowing down as he passed each parked car. Now that I was paying attention, it was obvious that he was looking into each vehicle. He definitely wasn't looking for his car. Most likely, he was looking for something worth stealing. 

I continued to watch him as he finished scoping out that row of cars and crossed over to the next row, starting up it. Again, he looked into each vehicle as he passed it. 

Finally, he noticed me watching him. At that point he nonchalantly pushed his buggy into one of the buggy corrals, got his shopping bag out, and walked directly to a car several rows away. He got into the passenger side and the car left the parking lot. He obviously knew where his car was, and obviously had a accomplish waiting for him. 

These type of petty crimes - in this case, stealing stuff from parked cars - are on the rise, and will continue to do so as the economy worsens. What can you do? 

First, start with situational awareness and the OODA loop (link to my article). I've mentioned this before, a lot of times, but this is where personal security starts. It is the foundation you must have. And it is much more than just "paying attention." 

Second, always lock your vehicle doors, even if you are only going to be away from your vehicle for a few minutes, and even if you think you are in a safe place. 

Third, hide packages, shopping bags, and other stuff so they cannot be seen through one of your vehicle's windows. An old blanket or tarp is great for this purpose.

Remember, in the modern dystopian world that we live in, YOU are responsible for your own security. YOU.  Not the police, not the government, not Walmart security, not anyone else. YOU are responsible. Start taking that responsibility seriously. 

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