Thursday, July 6, 2023

[Community] Follow-Up To Previous Article

By Tim Gamble 

In my previous article, I talked about using T-shirts with certain slogans or imagery to spark conversations with people who might turn out to be of a like-mind. After all, meeting like-minded people is the first step in building community, and often the hardest step. Please take a few moments to read that article if you haven't yet.

I want to make something clear. I am NOT saying that just because someone makes a favorable comment on your prepper t-shirt that they will automatically make a fine addition to your prepper group. And I am certainly not telling you to reveal all your prepper plans and secrets in that first conversation. No! Don't do that. 

I am suggesting that it is a way to spark an initial conversation with a potentially like-minded person.

Getting to know someone takes many conversations over time. But it always starts with an initial conversation. You must then use your best judgment to decide if you want to have more conversations with that person, or not. Then, again using your best judgement, you decide what, if any, relationship you want to build with that person. It is a process. A process that starts with an initial conversation. 

If you are afraid of that initial conversation, for whatever reasons, you will never meet like-minded people. If you want community, you have to be willing to open up and even to trust others at some point. Of course, be smart about who and when you open up. 

Here is the bottom line: You MUST choose between two risky options: 1) take the risk to trust others (but be smart about it) and build community, or 2) take the risk of forever being the "lone wolf" (and that is a risk because we do/will need others at some point). 

I've written a number of articles on community. Here is one in particular that may be of interest: Building Community? Warning Signs of People to Avoid

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